Rouge the Bat

Rouge the Bat
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Rūju za Batto
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Parreal earth
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105.00 cm
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Rouge the Bat is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is an anthropomorphic bat and jewel thief that has worked as a part-time government spy for the President of the United Federation and in close association with the Guardian Units of Nations. A world-famous treasure hunter,[8] Rouge has a weakness for jewels, like the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds, which she always obsesses about. As a spy, Rouge is trained in combat, stealth and infiltration, and possesses both super-level kicking power and flight. Rouge is in short, an enigma, as her motivations are always in question. In truth, she is usually just out for herself. She is smart, sassy, and seductive, and knows how to get what she wants. Once she has a target in mind, she always goes for it, regardless of the costs. Beneath her ditsy exterior though, she is a calculating realist and her motives are always mercenary in nature. Regardless, she is loyal to her closest friends and has more than once helped Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies save the world. Rouge is an anthropomorphic bat with white fur, tan skin, teal eyes with eyelashes, and a curvy figure. She has large pointy ears, small fangs, a small black nose on her muzzle with a pink lipstick, a short pointy tail, and a pair of dark purple wings on her back. Only her head appears to have fur, which flares out into six points at the back. Rouge usually wears powder blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick. Her typical attire consists of a black, skin-tight, strapless unitard with a pink, heart-shaped chestplate with white trim, along with long white gloves and high-heeled boots with pink cuffs. Her boots also have gray soles and feature pink hearts on the toes. During the Neo Metal Sonic incident, Rouge wore a tight-fitting, dark purple outfit that exposed most of her chest. It featured a pink and white bodice-like garment, a white belt with a purple and pink heart-shaped buckle around the waist, white gloves with thick pink cuffs, and dark purple boots with thick pink cuffs like her gloves. Her boots also feature white buckles below the cuffs and pink and white soles. In addition, Rouge wore pink eyeshadow instead of her usual blue. For the purpose of Extreme Gear racing and other sporting events, Rouge wears a black sports top with white trim, black bell-bottom pants with white flower-print design on the calves and a white trim at the waist. She also wears white gloves with pink trim, gold bracelets, and a pair of pink sport shoes with white stripes, pink straps with yellow fasteners, and gray soles. Rouge is a strong-minded female bat with a collected and convivial voice. Nothing short of an enigma, she is a person of many mysteries, always playing an active role on both sides of the truth in many global affairs. Her appeal is very complex, but it is not too far off to describe her as an elusive, mysterious, and mature woman who is true to her desires. To most people, Rouge appears as a brave, ambitious, independent, flirtatious, greedy, calculating narcissist who only thinks about herself and treasure. In Sonic Generations she is referred to as a temptress, due to her seductive ways. A gem-enthusiast, Rouge specializes in gem heists and gem-based treasure hunts, and has a unquenchable thirst for gemstones. The latter is due to a certain philosophy of hers: once you get a good gem, you will want a better one. However, a jewel that she cannot actually hold in her hand has no value to her, although a beautiful scenery matching the finest of jewels is equally valuable to her. Rouge's carefree and playful devil-may-care attitude can be fun to some people, like the easygoing Sonic, or annoying for others, like the gruff Knuckles. While she may appear ditzy though, Rouge is in truth a cunning, calculative, and pragmatic realist; though she pretends to know nothing, she always manages to gets closer to the heart of the matter than anyone else; she shows lax behavior but manages to conduct delicate research; she can be on the enemy's side but then turn into a reliable ally while keeping her eyes on seizing the monetary prizes for herself. Overall, she has a way of taking off a figurative veil to reveal a dramatic new side of herself. Regardless, this unpredictable and mysterious aspect of Rouge may be her appeal. Rouge can also show a bashful side, such as the time Knuckles saved her life from falling to her doom and became very embarrassed before concealing it with disgust, outrage, and ingratitude. She can also be a bit of a hypocrite, especially in regard to thefts. This is especially evident when, after witnessing the Master Emerald being stolen, she refers to the one stealing it as a thief despite the fact that she herself had stolen it from Knuckles earlier, something the echidna even noted by saying "Look who's calling who a thief", and in Grand Metropolis stage when she calls robots energy thieves. Rouge is also at times a government spy who often works for her own gain. Rouge has a great obsession for jewels which she loves more than anything else, or even anything else that shines or glitters. Known to be a brilliant spy one minute and a gem-obsessed treasure hunter the next, she has little to no qualms about lying and manipulating others, often using her charms and attractiveness to seduce and take advantage of others, just to get what she wants. In truth though, below her outward demeanor, she possesses a kind heart. In fact, on many occasions, Rouge has shown she can be heroic, possess loyalty, care about others, or, at least, have some degree of morality. In the final events of Sonic Adventure 2, she helped save the planet from destruction. In Sonic Heroes, she jumped between Shadow and Omega's hectic fight as the mediator. In Sonic Battle, when Shadow was injured and needed a place to stay, Rouge helped him. In Shadow the Hedgehog, she did other laudable things, such as rescuing a Chaos Emerald from the doomed mainframe, destroying the evil monster Black Bull, and assisting Shadow in defeating Black Doom as well as showing concern for his welfare at the end of the game. She also is not fond of hearing Omega constantly talking about vengeance. Recently, she has been seen less selfish, as can be seen by her actions towards Shadow in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and Sonic Rivals. However, as shown in her portrayal in Sonic Free Riders, which depicts her as very cold and callous from her desire for the cash prize, suggesting she still possesses her interest in jewels and riches. This is proved as she couldn't care less that her robot team member broke down and even went on to insult it as well.

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