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Roxanne is the first party member and slave of Michio Kaga. Roxanne is described as stunningly beautiful, with enchanting reddish brown eyes, magnificent lips, thick chestnut brown hair, and big breasts. Her height is similar to Michio's, a little over 160 cm. She has soft floppy dog ears on her head. Roxanne is a kind and patient person who normally helps those she cares about and doesn't mind doing work if it helps others. This kind-hearted nature causes her to be viewed as something of an older sister figure in the harem. She does not like fighting other people and would rather get along with them. Even if they insult her, she would rather just try to ignore them. However, when someone disrespects someone she cares about she gets aggressive and defends her loved one. In contrast with her gentle nature, she enjoys fighting demons, having fought them since she was a small child. Accordingly, she believes that before fighting, a person should be properly prepared, from preparing the right equipment to maintaining the equipment, to ensure their performance. This shows her seriousness and cautiousness. She has a somewhat empty-headed side to her, because she thinks that anyone can dodge like her if they try, when in actuality this nearly impossible. She is also not very good at teaching people how to dodge, being very vague and using sounds instead of proper words, thinking that others will be able to understand what she means. Roxanne's willingness to believe almost anything Michio says shows that she has become somewhat fanatical towards him, saying that he can do what he can simply because "He's Master". This has extended to her becoming immediately angered if someone insults him in any way. Roxanne is fiercely loyal to Michio, willing to do anything for the man who gave her a far better life than anyone possibly could and comes to love him very much. Even with the possibility of dying should Michio die due to the contract, Roxanne proclaims she would rather die than live in a world without the man she loves. Even still, a part of her has shown a degree of jealousy when he spends time with the other girls compared to her. However, Michio has shown his love for her hasn't diminished in the slightest and considers her his top of the slaves given she has more than earned that position in the harem. Once she bonds with Michio and sees firsthand he really is a kind person who would never hurt her, Roxanne slowly begins to lower her guard around him, welcoming the idea of sex and falling in love with him. She begins to become more comfortable with the subject, even teasing him at times when taking a bath with him, using her body and breasts to wash him or pleasure him to embrace him.

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