Roxy Migurdia

Roxy Migurdia
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Roxy Migurdia is a talented Migurd mage, and a former magic tutor. Because she can't use telepathy, she leaves her village due to feeling isolated from her peers. Unable to make a stable living as an adventurer, she becomes a travelling tutor and eventually becomes Rudeus' teacher. After the Teleport Incident, Roxy helps Paul to search the world for survivors. Roxy has the appearance of a petite young girl of short height, with pale skin and long, water-blue colored hair tied into two braids. Her eyes of the same color are described to be sleepy-looking. Her outfit usually consists of a magician's hat and robe. Her hair is held in two braids reaching below her waist. As a Migurd, she has a rather child-like body, which causes several people to think of her as a teenager rather than an adult. Roxy is a calm and collected person with a wise outlook on life, yet always seeking to improve herself. She is very intelligent, able to piece together information and make rational deductions. She was a rather headstrong person in the past, running from her tribe to roam the world as an adventurer. She also openly defied her teacher in the Ranoa Magic Academy after learning his greatest magic. However, various incidents that happened afterwards and the encounter with Rudeus greatly humbled her. She has a bit of a clumsy side, making her prone to mistakes during unexpected and tense situations. She also has a complex with her petite figure, often laments her figure as unattractive and tends to get annoyed when someone mistakes her as a child. Despite her complex, she still held an idealistic outlook in romance, dreaming of having a fateful encounter with her love of life in a labyrinth.

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