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Roy is a playable character and the protagonist of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. He is the son of Eliwood, the main character of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, and heir presumptive of Pherae. Roy is the leader of three armies: the Pherae party; later the entire Lycia army after its previous leader passed on; and eventually he assumes the command of the army of Etruria. His first game appearance was in the Nintendo-brawler Super Smash Bros. Melee, prior to the release of his own game, The Binding Blade. The appearance of Roy and Marth sparked a greater level of Western interest in the Fire Emblem series, and was partly responsible for Nintendo's decision to release the games internationally, beginning with The Blazing Blade. Roy is bookish young man that is eager to learn and suddenly has to fill the role of a leader of the army. He is very collected and formal, as a result of his aristocratic background and being obliged to the role of General. However, despite acting confident in front of his army, inwardly, he often doubts his competence as a leader and soldier. In private he is noted to be more relaxed and even somewhat clumsy, he is known to "dance with two left feet." A competent leader and warrior, Roy is an upstanding, thoughtful, and idealistic young man. While he would prefer to avoid bloodshed, he maintains a strong resolve to see peace return to Elibe. Despite his inexperience, being younger than his father was when he first set out into battle, he quickly grows in his role of a leader, managing to command an ever growing army gaining people's trust wherever he goes. He is perceptive and cunning for his age – he tricks a traitorous Lycian vassal into exposing himself, suspects that the bard Elffin is more than he seems, even though he does not pursue the truth against Elffin's will, and often reacts calmly and tactically to disturbing news. He is committed to protecting those in need and fighting for his ideals, even if this means fighting against old allies. Yet he demonstrates empathy, understanding that sacrificing people to prevail is a hollow victory. When his knights try to keep him away from the front lines, Roy refuses to, stating that the only way he can understand people and fight for them is to experience their hardships. Valuing friendship and family greatly, mirroring Eliwood, Roy does not particularly care about the social status of others, viewing Wolt in particular as a brother and not a vassal. But contrasting with his father, Roy is not very good at handling women, being dense when talking with girls, and in some situations he shows to be oblivious to their feelings. He gets flustered and a bit overwhelmed by Larum's forwardness. He never even notes Lilina's fondness for him prior to the start of the game, and unlikely to realize this unless he decides to pursue her. He notably becomes depressed during the war, furthermore, in Shanna's supports, he admits having trouble keeping himself in good spirits and he seeks her company to have a more cheerful outlook. Sue also notes that he is sad and they both rise each other spirits, Sue teaches him how to connect with nature, while they seek each other to talk about their feelings while cheering up. He heavily relies on his former teacher Cecilia's experience and support, maintaining a close relationship with her, looking up to her as a more experienced mentor in the battlefield; eventually they have a role reversal, in which Roy finds himself as the one to actually teach Cecilia a lesson while missing their professor and student dynamic. As Roy matures he realizes that he is her equal and that both can learn with each other.

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