Ruijerd Superdia Husbando

Ruijerd Superdia
Original Name
Romaji Name
Ruijerudo Superudia
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
190.00 cm
Blood Type
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Isaac Newton3
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Ruijerd Superdia is the former leader of the Superd's Warrior group who once served under Laplace with unwavering loyalty. He was accompanying Rudeus and Eris but left in search of his people. Under manipulation, Ruijerd killed his son, who was able to free him from Laplace's control. Following his species' death, Ruijerd travels the world to dissolve the stigma against the Superd race. Ruijerd is tall for an average Superd, and shared their distinctive features such as emerald green hair with a red gemstone on his forehead. He wears a brown tribal vest that only covers his back and sides, fully displaying his frontal torso and arms. Moreover, he is distinguished by his smooth oval chin and a long scar that trails from the right top corner of his forehead across his glabella to the left end of his cheek. When Rudeus bleached his hair, it became a different color. However, Ruijerd later shaved his head bald and wore a headband to cover the gemstone on his forehead. He now wears the necklace gifted to him by Rudeus around his neck. Despite having a scary demeanor, Ruijerd is very kind and fatherly. He always helps children no matter what the circumstances, and would go berserk when people try to hurt them. Ruijerd follows a very strict warrior's code of honor that he would go to extreme lengths to fulfill his promises. He is also described as rather stubborn, having a very adamant sense of justice that he won't tolerate even minor crimes during his debut regardless of how it may look like to those surrounding him which also causes misunderstandings of his intention.

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