Ruka Rengoku

Ruka Rengoku
Original Name
煉獄 瑠火
Romaji Name
Rengoku Ruka
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
155.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Nain Iota
Popularity # 4002
Like # 3788
Trash # 4836

Ruka Rengoku was the wife of Shinjuro Rengoku, and the mother of Kyojuro Rengoku and Senjuro Rengoku. Ruka has defined facial features, such as her sharp nose and long eyebrows. She has large dark red eyes with circular white pupils, similar in appearance to the Kamado family, and a small mouth, with semi-long black hair tied loosely at the end in a ponytail. She is only seen wearing a traditional kimono in a series of flashbacks. As opposed to her husband Shinjuro's loud personality, Ruka is depicted as being wise, gentle and graceful. In the manga, she is seen having strong morals, teaching Kyojuro the importance of his life and the need to use his strength in order to protect the weak and helpless people in the world as his primal duty. Later, her husband speculated that their two sons have wonderful personalities mainly because of her biological influence.

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