Ruka Souen

Ruka Souen
Original Name
早園 瑠佳
Romaji Name
Sōuen Ruka
Appears In
Vampire Knight
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
170.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 28707
Like # 27466
Trash # 30561

Ruka Souen is a female student of the Night Class and one of the most faithful, protective and loyal followers of Kaname Kuran. As custom as most of the Aristocratic Vampires, Ruka is considered to be a very beautiful female vampire that makes her popular among the Day Class males with wavy waist-length toffee-colored hair that has messy bangs framing her forehead on both sides, large coffee-bean brown eyes, a slim and feminine frame, her skin (although fairly pale) is a little bit darker than most her classmates and she is probably one of the taller female students in the Night Class. As custom of a female Night Class student, Ruka wears the white Night Class uniform which is a black undershirt, a white button-down blazer with black stripes running along its seams and a red bow just underneath the collar of her jacket. She also wears a purely white skirt, along with black socks that don't quite reach the stretches of her middle of her thigh and brown lace-up boots. Ruka usually reflects as a haughty, bored, unapproachable and uninterested person to the rest of the world, probably due to her noble upbringing. She is portrayed to show disdain to those considered lower than her, or just simply ignoring them, refusing to acknowledge their presence. Ruka is sometimes cold to others affections, as shown when she rejects the Day Class Representatives' dance proposal by stating she cannot dance with someone she does not know. One of her defining characteristics is her love for Kaname Kuran as she has been tied by loyalty and admiration for him ever since they were children, angry at all those who disrespect him and disdainful of all girls who fawn on him. Her possessiveness made her hot-tempered and jealous, but her love for Kaname also brought out a vulnerable, self-doubting aspect of her usually proud personality, which she usually only expresses to Akatsuki Kain (Ruka's close friend). She later matures after she realizes that she was only thinking of her own feelings. Since giving up on him, she has shown a gentler side to her personality. She even gave Yuki Kuran, whom she was jealous of before, etiquette lessons and during the ball where she told her that she was glad Yuki and Kaname were getting along so well. Akatsuki, who is her cousin, has been in love with her since they were children. She seems to recognize his feelings for her later on after he pulls her aside and confesses his romantic interest in her, albeit she was surprised by his bold confession.

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