Rumi Usagiyama

Rumi Usagiyama
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March 1st
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Rumi Usagiyama, also known as Rabbit Hero: Mirko, is the No. 5 Pro Hero. Rumi is a dark-skinned woman of average height. She has red narrow eyes with long, defined eyelashes, and straight white hair reaching her thighs with bangs that part to the left of her face. While slender and curvaceous in frame, she also sports a lean, athletic and well-defined build, especially in her arms and legs. From her Quirk, Rumi has long white rabbit ears pointing upwards above her head, along with a small and white round tail, giving her an overall resemblance to an albino rabbit. Her hero costume consists of a sleeveless white leotard with dark purple trim around her shoulders and waist, a wide yellow crescent moon design over her chest, and a single thick metal plate wrapped around her midriff. She wears purple thigh-high boots to compliment her leotard, with more plating around the heel and toe areas, making her feet look like those of a rabbit. She also has a pair of thick, white gloves on her hands with long cuffs, sporting small triangular protrusions around their edges. During the Jaku General Hospital raid, her left forearm was crushed and her right shin was stabbed by a High-End Nomu, while the tip of her right ear got sliced off. In the aftermath of the War, she obtained a prosthetic left forearm and right leg, which are interchangeable in case they get destroyed. She also cut her hair to just below her jaw and adorns a new black belt with her hero costume. During the Final War, her right forearm is bitten off by a mouth on Tomura Shigaraki's arm growth. Rumi is tough and always speaks her mind, even if it causes confrontation, and she respects those who do the same. Rumi seems to believe that heroes who join teams are cowards, as they could just be relying on their teammates' strength rather than their own. As a hero, she proves to be very fearless and independent, freely traversing Japan while bravely facing any villain she comes across. Despite her brash demeanor, Rumi isn't above assisting others as she came to the aid of Endeavor and Hawks after seeing their battle with Hood on the news. She also requested Endeavor's help while fighting a villain on one occasion, showing that she isn't unwilling to ask for help from other heroes despite her solo disposition. She also assisted the team assigned to take down Tomura Shigaraki in the Final War, where her overzealous and brash personality combatted with someone who shared similar traits, Katsuki Bakugo, leading to the two arguing on the battlefield. Rumi embraces life-threatening situations with a bright grin and is constantly searching for the next big adrenaline kick, smiling in the face of danger. She does not back down, even when she is overpowered by stronger enemies, claiming to only be getting warmed up. Rumi also appears to take every day of her life with no regrets, admitting she'd risk her life for the greater good. Her great devotion and bravery even earned her the respect of Endeavor, who vowed to finish Rumi's work and defeat the villains in her stead when the Rabbit Hero was left unable to fight. Rumi is capable of enduring extreme pain without losing focus and faces her own wounds reluctantly. She is pragmatic and quick thinking, as she was able to bind off her bloodstream with her own thick hair, to keep fighting without her arm. Both times she had lost her arms were unable to halt her rampage, able to improvise and keep up her assault. When she was in middle school, she was known to be a hooligan, constantly starting trouble by infiltrating fight clubs and joining in the fights, to the point of being expelled from her school. This continued into her high school days where her attraction to fighting arenas led her to the Underground Masquerade. Here she was able to establish her prowess as a future Pro Hero, with her desire not to sit on the sides and finish a fight all the way through, gaining the respect of O'Clock. She also refused to take any compensation for her actions, intending to make it big all on her own in the future.

muscular dark skin white hair muscular female tomboy rabbit girl red eyes short eyebrows superhero amputee medium breasts japanese
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