Ruruka Ando

Ruruka Ando
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November 20th
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Ruruka Ando is a character featured in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School. During her time in Class 76th at Hope's Peak Academy, her title was the Ultimate Confectioner. After leaving Hope's Peak, her title was updated to the Former Ultimate Confectioner. She is a member of the Future Foundation and is the Branch Office 8 Director. Her responsibility as the director is assistance in procuring stable food sources. She, along with the other Future Foundation Directors, is forced to participate in the Final Killing Game. She has lilac eyes, short strawberry blonde hair, and a petite, cheerful appearance. She wears a pink coat with puffy white fur trimming, yellow shorts, white thigh high socks and pink boots with multiple straps. She also has a yellowish hat with a small strawberry on top of it, on where she has pinned her Future Foundation ID. There is also a triangle pattern on the back of her hat. During her time at Hope's Peak Academy, Ruruka wore the standard Academy uniform with fur trimming that looks similar to the fur on her coat that she wears in the Future Arc. The boots and socks she wore are also very similar to the ones she wears in the future. She also wore a pink hat and a green ribbon with strawberries on the ends. Ruruka is a cunning young woman who is described to have a mean streak despite her cute appearance. She appears rather manipulative and is not above using her friends to achieve her goals. She can be extremely selfish as well, as during the Final Killing Game, she focuses only on keeping herself alive. While she can appear easily annoyed and even mean towards others, Ruruka acts very sweet and intimate with her romantic partner Sonosuke, and she often feeds him her candy. Her candy can brainwash and manipulate people; thanks to this, Ruruka is a resourceful and skilled negotiator. Despite being a high-ranking member of Future Foundation, she seems skeptical regarding its purpose, at one point stating that, "just like Hope's Peak Academy and Seiko Kimura", it is rotten to the core. Furthermore, after she learned Seiko's NG Code, she requested her to murder the true leader of the Future Foundation, Kyosuke Munakata. Ruruka has a strong hatred and fear of being betrayed, and she would rather betray others before they have any chance to do the same to her, including her own boyfriend. She knows it's wrong, but her fear of betrayal is too strong, and she is implied to have a fear of trust which is called pistanthrophobia. Ruruka's childhood friend, Seiko, "backstabbing" her in high school might have made this worse, but this doesn't appear to be the cause of it. She appeared to have some sort of trust issues much earlier as well, as she strongly disliked it when her close ones wouldn't eat her treats and took it very personally. She has stated that she won't trust anyone who doesn't eat her candy.

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