Ryouko Fueguchi

Ryouko Fueguchi
Original Name
笛口 リョーコ
Romaji Name
Fueguchi Ryōko
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
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Popularity # 8691
Like # 7827
Trash # 17292

Ryouko Fueguchi (笛口 リョーコ, Fueguchi Ryōko) was the wife of Asaki Fueguchi and the mother of Hinami Fueguchi. She was known as suspect Number 73 in CCG's files. She was also killed by First Class Ghoul Investigator Kureo Mado. __Appearance__ Ryouko was a slender and fairly tall woman with chest-length brown hair that was loosely tied towards the left side of her shoulder, with three flowers ornamenting it and brown eyes. She wore a pale, pastel dress tied at the waist with a braided orange belt, a pale, yellow sweater and a reddish scarf. __Personality__ Ryouko was a gentle woman who preferred not to hunt or kill people despite being a ghoul. She loved her daughter, to the point where she told Hinami to run away so that Ryouko could stand up against Kureo Mado. She even relied on her husband for protection of the family.

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