Ryouko Ninomiya

Ryouko Ninomiya
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Ryouko Ninomiya is a sage candidate and one of Yogiri Takatou's companions. She is one of the people that is aware of Yogiri's seals and how much dangerous he really is due to her experience with him in the original world, where they originally came from. In the old world, she was sent by the Institute to infiltrate Yogiri's class and keep an eye on him. Ryouko is a beautiful girl with light purple hair, white skin, green eyes, and wears a samurai outfit in battle instead of her usual highschool uniform. She is a rather timid and serious girl, and often worried about Yogiri's actions, especially when his seals are lifted. Due to being very familiar with the extent of Yogiri's capabilities, she is extremely afraid of him, and as such, she prefers that he avoids using his powers. When Carol suggested taking a hostage as an alternative to deal with Takatou, Ryouko completely freaked out and thoroughly denied her methods. She is a very talented girl when it comes to sword styles, and it's her main method of attacking. She can slash creatures (like Wild Boars and Demons) in half with a single swing of her sword. She is also capable of fighting the numerous creatures of hell, which are existences that can't possibly be contended by a mere human being.

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