Ryunosuke Katagiri

Ryunosuke Katagiri
Original Name
片桐 龍之介
Romaji Name
Katagiri Ryūnosuke
Appears In
Devils Line
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
June 4th 1977
174.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 41965
Like # 42085
Trash # 33339

Ryunosuke Katagiri, more commonly known by her nickname Oryo, is a kindhearted and timid devil who was framed for the murder of her coworker, Minami, while working at Bar CALM. Oryo is an adult trans woman with an average build and height for someone with a masculine body. She has straight, lower-chin length hair which she tucks behind her ears, and middle-parted bangs with two locks framing her face. She has light-colored eyes and slight dark circles under her eyes due to being a non-blood-drinking devil. She occasionally has a little beard and cleft chin. After the three-month timeskip, her hair has grown longer which she now wears in a ponytail. She also has her bangs slicked back. After the six-month timeskip (a total of nine months), Oryo begins wearing makeup such as mascara; jewelry such as earrings; and dresses and skirts. When she reappears, she is seen wearing a black dress and her hair is tied into a low bun with her bangs mainly draping over the left side of her face. Oryo is a very kind-hearted person. She is helpful and considerate, always trying to help others whatever they are someone she knows or not. When she is at fault for something, she immediately apologizes properly. She is also a bit timid and meek at times, and does not appear very self-confident. She is also careful about controlling her bloodlust and will leave the area as soon as she feels the urge to drink blood. This behavior is linked to an event that happened in her adolescence.

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