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Ryūnosuke Tanaka (Japanese: 田中 龍之介 Tanaka Ryūnosuke) is a second year student at Karasuno High School. He is a wing spiker on Karasuno High Boy's Volleyball Team and its up-and-coming ace.Tanaka has a shaved head with a widow's peak and sharp blue/grey eyes (golden brown in the manga coloured illustrations) which lead many to mistake him as a delinquent. He is average in height and has a lean, but strong build. He tends to make intimidating faces to try to scare others, which Daichi scolds him for.Loud, hot-headed, and easily angered, he is no stranger to picking fights. He is also somewhat of a slacker, shown by his less-than-stellar work ethic in school and his usual lateness to practices. Despite all this, he is shown to be caring and supportive towards his teammates, and even protective of his underclassmen. In addition, he gets very excited and is easily won over when an underclassman calls him "senpai". Once he gets fired up, he is usually unstoppable on the court and also uncontrollably loud, as demonstrated by his over-the-top cheering after he scores or pulls off an incredible move. He also has the tendency to take off his shirt and spin it over his head when he scores a point in practices. Tanaka has a large interest in girls, Kiyoko Shimizu in particular. He often approaches her and tries to talk to her, though he is usually ignored, which he claims turns him on. Tanaka usually looks out for her, alongside Nishinoya, especially during the Tokyo training camp and official matches when the other teams take an interest in her.

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