Ryusui Nanami Husbando

Ryusui Nanami
Original Name
Romaji Name
Nanami Ryusui
Place of Origin
Kanagawa Prefecture
Date of Birth
November 11th 1998
187.00 cm
78.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 12236
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Ryusui Nanami is the son of the owner of Nanami Conglomerate and a major character in Dr. Stone. He was revived by Senku for his expertise in sailing. His skills at navigating by sea or air makes him indispensable as one of the Five Wise Commanders of the Kingdom of Science. He is also a member of the Crafting and Development Team. Ryusui is a fairly tall, muscular young man with shaggy blond hair, some strands of which fall loosely into his face. He has thick eyebrows that are distinctively shaped like arrows, and he holds an intense glare in his eyes, most often seen when expressing things that he desires to have. He's also very rarely seen without a confident smile. After being revived, he is given a new outfit, which is a garb consisting of a red double-breasted trench coat with a high collar, pants, and a captain's hat, designed by Yuzuriha. He had a stone marking encompassing most of his right hand, which disappeared since his second revival. Ryusui soon adorned war paint in reflection of his stone markings, during Tsukasa's revival. Ryusui was the Heir to the Nanami Conglomerate, and accomplished sailor. As such, he lived a wealthy and lavish lifestyle. Pre-Stone World, he was seen as a greedy playboy, rarely seen without the company of beautiful women, exotic sports cars, and excessive partying. Minami was resistant to the idea of reviving him, stating that despite his expertise in ship sailing (of which he is the most skilled), his personality was akin to that of a spoiled, pampered rich boy who ordered others to do his bidding. While initial impressions of Ryusui seem to match this description, as he demanded worship and proclaimed himself the leader of the new world. In reality, while he is arrogant and greedy, it was his greed that fueled his ambition, which was the cause of his great success pre-Stone World. He spent a great deal of time studying, and was active in ship making, from making small models, to building huge ships. The money he earned, he put toward bettering himself and the company. Senku deduced that his presence would be beneficial to the Kingdom of Science, as his greed does not only apply to himself, but to those around him. He pushes and motivates everyone. Though a party animal and playboy, Ryusui considers all women to be beautiful. While this seems like empty praise, he even calls the elderly and children beautiful, saying that people are all beautiful in their own way. He is seen mentioning that he “loves” and “desires” all people, including men. He even refuses to see a woman cry and his greed extends to ensuring they never cry again. Like Senku, Ryusui has the drive to rebuild society and make a world good for everyone to live in. He shows that he is selfless and caring, as he was angry at Suika for stowing away in their dangerous voyage. Later, as he and the crew were being petrified, he kicked Suika out of harm's way. He is quick to admit his faults, such as when he is revived the second time, Ryusui tells Suika how proud he was of her despite her heavy burden, and declares that she is a fully fledged member of the Kingdom of Science. He also has immeasurable faith in his comrades, once telling Chrome that he knew that whenever a plan required them all to recklessly rush in, no member of the Kingdom of Science will hesitate. While usually excitable and composed, he occasionally has a shocked expression, being disturbed by Senku's devious nature, the food of the stone world, Senku's inventions, Soyuz's amazing memory, and Taiju's superhuman stamina. Likely stemming from his given name, Ryusui chooses to have a dragon aesthetic to anything he helps create; since "ryu" translates as "dragon". Ranging from the currency of Dragos, which have dragon pictures, to the Dragon News Network.

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