Ryuzu Meyer (Original)

Ryuzu Meyer (Original)
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Ryuzu Meyer was a half-elf girl living in the Sanctuary, during the era of the Witches, four centuries ago. She was used by Echidna in order to activate the Barrier and protect the Sanctuary from the Warlock of Melancholy. Ryuzu acted similarly to how her copies acted during the events of Arc 4, but more lively. She was a dilligent girl who was always happy to give a helping hand to everyone in the Sanctuary who needed some help. Despite her timid and shy appearance, she was perfectly capable of forming bonds with people even as troublesome and hard-to-come-close-with as Beatrice. According to Echidna, the girl's Od possessed great compatibility with the Sanctuary, making her a perfect candidate to use as the core for the Sanctuary's barrier. Sadly, however, her Od first needed to get accustomed to the enviorment. Before she could get the chance to do so, the Warlock of Melancholy began his attack on the Sanctuary, forcing the Witch of Greed to find other solutions. In such times of peril, Ryuzu showed immence courage and voulenteered herself to physically merge her Od with the catalyst which would allow Echidna's plan to work. In her final moments, she confessed her fondness of Beatrice and merged with the mana crystal which acted as the catalyst for the barrier.

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