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Sabito was a former apprentice of Sakonji Urokodaki. He appeared to assist Tanjiro Kamado in his preparations for the Final Selection exam. Sabito was a fair-skinned young man with a large scar running from the right corner of his mouth to his right ear, and kind, cat-like eyes of a grayish lavender color, a horizontal bar of much paler purple visible across them near the bottom. He had thick, spiked, peach-colored hair of varying lengths, the longest reaching his shoulders, that he wore messily down with side micro bangs over the left of his forehead. Sabito wore a green kimono, patterned with a geometric hexagon design of yellow and a darker green, tied off at the waist with a piece of black fabric, below which he sported a pair of tattsuke-hakama pants and over which a plain white haori. Around his calves, he wore a pair of kyahan, that bore the same design as his kimono, which his pants were tucked into, as well as black tabi socks and a pair of zōri on his feet. As with the rest of Sakonji Urokodaki's apprentices, Sabito's white warding mask, hand-carved by his master himself, took the shape of a fox's face, his decorated by a large scar in the same place as the one on his face. The mask's eyes and nose were of a dark green while the ears were more of a gray-red, and it was secured around his face by a thick piece of red rope around his head, the ends of which hung down from behind each of his ears. Sabito was a serious young man who believed that all of his actions should be becoming of a man. He was seen as a ruthless mentor during his time training Tanjiro Kamado, who was always quick to point out his flaws and refused to acknowledge him as a man. When asked about defeating the Hand Demon, Sabito appeared to have a pessimistic view on conflicts, saying he believed that no matter how hard someone tries it will never be enough to take the beast down. Even so, Sabito entrusted his will to Tanjiro and was happy when he surpassed him as Sakonji's strongest student, openly acknowledging that Tanjiro was the toughest of them all and proudly leaving the lingering will of all Sakonji's lost children to him. According to Sabito's best friend Giyu Tomioka, he was a very kind boy with a strong sense of justice, back when he was still alive. It is implied that Sabito was a selfless person, as seen in Giyu's flashback, when it is revealed he saved everyone in his group from the Hand Demon during his Final Selection, sacrificing himself in the process.

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