Sadayo Kawakami

Sadayo Kawakami
Original Name
川上 貞代
Romaji Name
Kawakami Sadayo
Place of Origin
Tokyo, Japan
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 510
Like # 469
Trash # 1073

Kawakami is a Japanese language and homeroom teacher of class 2-D at Shujin Academy. She appears on the day when the protagonist first arrives at the school on Sunday for registration. The principal assigns the protagonist to her class which is also attended by Ann Takamaki and Yuuki Mishima because it is the only class of second year with vacancy. Knowing her new student is a juvenile on probation, Kawakami displays anxiety and expects a tougher male teacher would be more suitable to handle such student. After her primary occupation, Kawakami dons the French maid uniform and works as a domestic service provider. Ryuji Sakamoto and Yuuki in one day are interested in looking for some hot French maid and invite the protagonist to Ryuji's apartment. They call the maid agency without specified preference and Kawakami ends up being dispatched and is depressed to learn that her customers are her students again. The other day the protagonist dials her to his residency. Instead of feeling embarrassed, she compliments his sense of justice for opposing Suguru Kamoshida. She agrees to comfort him assuming her student short of friends due to the bad rumors about him spread by Kamoshida, but asks him to keep a secret about her part time. (From Megami Tensei Wiki)

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