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Unknown (real name Saeran Choi), is one of the main antagonists of the Mystic Messenger. He is the identical twin brother of 707 and a believer of the organization and cult Mint Eye. During visual novel sequences, prior to the revelation of his identity, his name is displayed as three question marks (???). In Another Story, he is introduced as Ray, a game developer who enthusiastically wants the player to try their game and leads her to an undisclosed location in order to do so. On January 31, 2018, a route for him was released in Another Story and his After Ending was released December 18, 2020. Saeran has white hair, though his natural hair is a vermillion colour; the ends of his hair are frosted pink, which are thought to be the faded colour of his red hair. His eyes are a mint colour, though his original eye colour is a gold colour, sharing the same eye colour as his twin brother. Saeran is 173 cm and weighs 130 lbs, and can be seen wearing a red tank top paired with a large, leather jacket as well as wearing a black choker around his neck and a spiked bracelet donned on his right wrist. At certain points in the story, he will wear a black mask to hide his identity that covers the lower half of his face. He also wears his leather jacket off on his right shoulder, showing the Mint Eye symbol that is tattooed on his upper arm with a half moon motif just below it. His appearance is altered slightly in Another Story; as Ray, his alter ego, he is more well put together, with his hair combed into a tamer position, and he wears a magenta, three piece suit that has a blue rose pinned to the right breast and a pair of tan slacks while pairing it all with a pair of leather gloves that sit below his wrist. Later in his route, when his personality changes, he wears a black suit, a white shirt complete with a silver chain. In the last days, he wears a plain white shirt and black pants; in which he also wears them in Ray After Ending. Throughout Casual and Deep story, Saeran is seen as a threat by the RFA, whose identity is a mystery, due to his attempts in hacking and stalking the organization. Despite this, he sees himself as angel that will lead the RFA and the player to salvation in Mint Eye and if he can't take them willingly we'll attempt to achieve this through kidnapping and other unorthodox methods. Saeran's biggest ambition is his revenge towards 707 for leaving him. In their youth, both sworn to be always together and amidst their precarious childhood they saw each other as their most precious companion. Thus 707's sudden absence brought unbearable pain and grief to Saeran, which turned into intense anger and hatred when the Savior (Rika) and Mint Eye manipulated him into believing he was intentionally abandoned. He also considers V a traitor not only because of his past relationship with Rika but also because he blames him for taking away his brother, and refers to both V and his brother as 'traitors, 'liars', and 'hypocrites'. As such, Saeran is willing to do everything he can in order to inflict as much pain and damage as he can onto 707 for revenge, even going so far as to hurt the MC and even killing her (see Yoosung's Bad Relationship Ending 2) or torturing her (Seven's Bad Ending 1) to make his brother suffer. Admittedly, this is a last resort for him as he would much rather recruit the MC into Mint Eye "peacefully". Saeran's devotion to Mint Eye makes him one of its most faithful followers to the point he even has its symbol tattooed upon his upper right arm to show his devotion. It is likely he got this tattoo recently when the Deep and Casual story mode unfolds as it's not seen in Another Story which takes place one year earlier. In Deep/Casual, not only his thrist for revenge blind him, but the anger towards the abuse he suffered at the hands of his own mother consumes him, and thus we'll easily abuse others to let out his anger even when he hasn't been part of Mint Eye for months (Yoosung's Bad End 3), or lash out violently when his plans aren't successful (Yoosung's route) to the point he blinds Yoosung's left eye when he stops him from detoning a bomb in MC's location with her in it. Despite Mint Eye's manipulation having a hand in shaping his personality for the worse, he admits violence comforts him outside of the cult even after being weaned out of drugs, however, he's shown to have deep remorse over these bad actions after his anger subsides and is capable of improving to be a less harmful person, slowly becoming the warm person he used to be. As a young child, Saeran was described to be a kind and gentle soul, and was the smallest of the two twins. Due to his gentler and forgiving demeanor, his own abusive mother was more toxicly possessive of him and tied him up so he could never go outside or be taken from kidnappers. Sadly due to this, it made Saeran more exposed to her drunken rages which made him bear more of her abuse, and thus develop a weaker constituition and more depressive state, which worried his own brother immensely who desperately sought for a way to rescue him. Saeran hoped to escape his mother's grasp and live together alone with his brother. However, one day he disappears, bringing the worst pain Saeran ever suffered in his life, which he compares to a half of his body being torn apart (Secret End 2). This makes Saeran quietly look for Saeyoung which prompts him to learn hacking from the same book his brother began learning. Saeran's hacking and coding skills eventually become amazing and easily rival Seven's even when he's in very poor mental state, in Deep/Casual Story, the apartment security is hacked and his brother is impressed even without knowing his identity since none of his security work has ever been hacked before. In many bad ends, Saeran is successful in his mission and bests Seven. In Another Story, it is outright pointed out that Ray is an extraordinary hacker, better than 707, and Vanderwood can't hide his admiration towards Saeran's coding in Ray's AE. It is worthy of note then, that each twin has their own gifts, 707 is more skilled at physical stealth-y activities like fishing and building infiltration and possesses more muscular strength, Saeran is much better at menial tasks providing a huge boost for his coding work and hacking. In the Secret Ending 2, Saeran begins to overcome his emotional trauma(s). After being rescued from Mint Eye following a major mental breakdown, Saeran's aggressiveness escalates and he refuses to trust anyone ever again due to his deep fear that he will be betrayed and abandoned again. Slowly and reluctantly, he begins to believe that Seven is being truthful and won't abandon him again which makes his anger subside despite the path of recorery being a rocky one. By the end of 707's Secret Ending, Saeran is a lot stabler compared to how he was before and he joins the RFA, being its newest member now, thus marking his road to recovery and becoming his own person away from Mint Eye. In Another Story, which takes place one year before Casual/Deep Story events, possibly in another timeline, the player or MC becomes the major focus of Ray who's obsessed with keeping the MC by his side and secretly manipulating her to join Mint Eye. He explains he's an app developer and needs MC's help to test "his game" (which is actually not a game but the RFA chat app itself). He tries to trick MC into thinking the characters in the game are AIs programmed by himself and incites her into making them reveal their secrets. He has a welcoming and charming demeanor towards her and is very open about showing affection. Besides being focused on tending to the player's comfort inside Magenta, he's an excellent hacker and programmer. He loves gardening and knows the symbolic meaning of each flower. He also enjoys cooking. However, he's also highly possessive of the player and deeply afraid of losing her which leds him to manipulate. Later, it's revealed Ray is an alternate personality, created by Rika during Mint Eye's cleansing program. The other personality, Saeran, is very aggressive, arrogant and demeaning; the complete opposite of the old Saeran's delicate and gentle self before his induction to Mint Eye. This Saeran also has no qualms about being a brute to V and other believers, forcing the elixir on them and openly degrading the MC with insults and ridicule. In his own route, he resorts to starving her (reminiscent of his own mother's torture) and mocking her in the chatroom. The two personalities are aware of each other and seem to be able to communicate with one another. Saeran thinks lowly of Ray and considers him weak while Ray is terrified of Saeran taking over. As hackers, Ray and Saeran have different skill sets. Ray's skills are more meticulous and considered better than Seven. Saeran is significantly less careful and more rushed with his hacking. On the last days of Ray's route and V's AE, both personalities integrate again and become one. In Ray's route, Saeran still goes by both names but Saeran ends up to be the most commonly name in Ray's AE. His hacking skills are still known to be exceptional. In Ray's AE, Saeran's demeanor changes to be that of a very loving boyfriend towards the MC. He fills her with compliments, sees her as his salvation and guiding light and stubbornly wants to do what it takes to sacrifice himself for her (and by extension his brother). In bad ends, it's shown he easily puts her own happiness above his to the point he foregoes his own wishes and wellbeing to make her happy. As for his brother, he regains his love for him back, claiming he always nurtured affection for him in the corner of his heart even when he was blinded by rage due to Rika's lies.

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