Saigiku Jōno Husbando

Saigiku Jōno
Original Name
Romaji Name
Saigiku Jōno
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
September 24th
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Popularity # 28739
Like # 28264
Trash # 24370

Saigiku Jōno is a member of the Hunting Dogs special unit and has the ability Priceless Tears. Jōno is a young man who has white hair with tips that fade into red. Along with his Hunting Dogs uniform, he wears a long earring with a bell attached to it on his right ear. Upon first appearance, Jōno has the calmest, most composed personality of the Hunting Dogs unit. However, he does not take interruptions nor injustice lightly. As such, he nonchalantly arrests Osamu Dazai upon their first meeting, expressing his thoughts against Dazai's blood-covered past with great disapproval. Jōno hides a fierce temper behind composed expressions, mixing them with harsh threats and remarks towards his comrades. Tetchō Suehiro finds himself on the receiving end of much of these remarks due to his offbeat nature, easily exasperating Jōno. He even subtly scolds his commander Ōchi Fukuchi for the latter's theatrics towards military troops and afterwards threatens to shoot him from behind, showing that his violent tendencies are no different from his comrades. He also tends to either silently or vocally wish ill will towards other people with a rather antagonistic attitude towards him, including Tetchō and even a government official. Sensitive to his surroundings, Jōno also detests intense emotions and abrupt changes in moods from those around him. Quite contrary to Tetchō's nature during interrogations, Jōno has a sadistic side to him in extracting information from his targets. As noted by Tetchō, he has an infamous habit of tormenting others until they are forced to spill his needed details during investigations, which he seems to find amusement in. Hence, with such a sharp persistence in information extraction, Jōno believes that he must be the "strongest Hunting Dog" among the team for his expertise in investigating and capturing criminals.

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