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Sakura is a supporting character of the Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro manga series. She is a high school student and one of Nagatoro's friends. Sakura is a sweet and kind, albeit a quite flirtatious girl, who dresses in a gyaru style of fashion and is part of a 'cool kids' clique, together with Gamo-chan, Yoshi and Nagatoro herself. She often takes part in her friends' mayhem but, regardless of this, is always extremely friendly towards Senpai. Her surname is currently unknown. Sakura is a cute, average statured high schooler with medium-length (chest-length at the beginning and later shoulder-length), wavy platinum blonde hair - although it's implied that she dyes them since sometimes a slightly darker regrowth is visible - and her bangs pinned to both sides of her face with a pair of white hair clips. She has fully tanned skin and large, inquisitive brown eyes, which were at first depicted as droopy and with noticeable eye bags, hinting some kind of sleep disorder that she later overcame, as her eyes were since shown round, bright and without eye bags. Her eyebrows are thicker than many other characters and dyed blonde as well. At first, she was not too much taller than Nagatoro, but later grew as tall as Yoshi; Sakura has a lean, well-proportioned and slender physique with large bust size, considering her size and built. She seems to be quite fit but not as athletic as her friends even due to her laziness. Sakura often wears a tired or delicate smile which signifies her laid-back personality. A gyaru (or gal), specifically a kogal, she typically wears her school uniform consisting of a white button-up shirt (with one flap always out of her skirt and collar never buttoned) and a shortened navy blue skirt completed with a pair of sneakers and loose socks. However, in summer she wears a short-sleeved shirt in her uniform, while in winter she is shown to wear a light brown sweater, loafers and occasionally a well-buttoned blue blazer. When not at school she usually sports an extremely stylish and elaborate choice of clothing. Sakura appears as an easy-going, calm, level-headed, laid-back, sweet and lovely individual with an innate predisposition to be flirty, to the point of having a reputation of being an accomplished seductress among her clique of friends, and jokingly saying her guardian spirit is an oiran. Compared to the other girls, Sakura is the kindest of them all - even appearing somewhat coy at times - and the only one who can't be described as an outright bully but rather a teaser, whose innuendo toward Senpai appear to be for the most accidental, since she openly sees him as a friend and even goes to him to be comforted when she feels scared or sad. Also, after realizing that Nagatoro has feelings for him and vice versa, Sakura stopped assertively teasing him and started to support their growing relationship much like her friends. However, being a master in girlish flirt poses, she retains her habit of using them on every boy she talks to, Senpai included. Despite having been described by her character profile as having an "haraguro" personality, meaning a two-faced attitude, usually cute on the outside but cruel on the inside, in the Official Fanbook, it was stated that she simply really loves to "be pampered" and "play around". Sakura has always been shown as nothing else but nice and, even if she does indeed possess a manipulative side and has demonstrated to be perfectly capable of sowing seeds of jealousy among a group of boys or using them for her profit, she doesn't appear to do it with a malevolent intention or to cause anyone harm. Proving this, she gets distressed and breaks into tears whenever serious consequences ensue from her action, being quick to recognize her errors and make amends with the ones she hurt, as she demonstrated by befriending one of the group of boys she tried to break up. She is also very forgiving, having ultimately forgiven her stalker. Being very curious and inquisitive, Sakura has an innate ability to "read people" and understand what they think, thus knowing what to appeal to is the main reason she can manipulate others so easily. She's also quite emphatic and can easily understand the feelings behind other people's actions. She is the most popular among boys out of all of her friends and the only one who has previous relationships or some kind of experience, albeit it's unknown to what extent; she once stated to be single in a way that implied she has at least one ex despite, according to Nagatoro, she "let them pitch but never let them score" implying she's actually quite chaste. However it is also lightly suggested she may have sapphic tendencies, thus being an in-the-closet lesbian or bisexual, since she twice blushed and had excited reactions while looking at the President's body or Shikki's nakedness and was eager to fondle Gamo-chan and Fujimin in order to be the judge of their "breasts size battle" (whom she herself suggested). Nevertheless, on Christmas Eve, she was seen making out with a boy who nervously describes her as "pretty aggressive" and she later claim to having had a fling with two boys at the same time, however she herself seemingly treat said relationships with little-to-no seriousness, describing said guys as "her friends". Sakura is very kind and helpful to the people she likes and has demonstrated to be the most emotionally collected girl in her group of friends, having a hippie-alike and pacifist life philosophy according to which "mankind are all brothers and sisters" and "should all make up and have fun". She is also strictly against following the "an eye for an eye" belief, as when Gamo-chan suggested Nagatoro pose in the nude to beat the President, she quoted said principe saying that "lewdness for lewdness will only bring sadness"; despite her friends look at her as a "weirdo" for said convictions. Sakura is also a gamer girl and a VR enthusiast as well as a huge yaoi enjoyer. She is widely knowledgeable in myths, rumors, and romance stories, though whether she believes in them is debatable. Sakura is also implied to be quite the daddy's girl and was shown to dress quite conservatively while with her father compared with the attire she sports at school or when hanging out with her friends. She is very athletic, though not as much as her friends, and seems to be a fan of wrestling, as well as far stronger than she appears, quite good at running and capable of effortlessly skiing down a pro course with a snowboard. Despite always looking tired, lazy and procrastinating - even having a bad academic performance -, Sakura is implied to be a very hard-working young woman since those are likely consequences of exhaustion due to her part-time job. Sakura is very polite, she always refers to everyone using appropriate suffixes - including her closest friends -, so she addresses Senpai adding at his nickname the suffix "-kun", which in Japan is generally used when referring to men in general, male children/teenagers, or male friends.

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