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Sakura is a major playable character from Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation routes. The youngest of the Hoshidan royal siblings, Sakura is a healer who commands the loyalty of Subaki and Hana as her personal retainers. Shy and timid by nature, Sakura is very polite to others but is prone to stuttering during her conversations, a fact that becomes especially prominent when she is nervous. She tends to be very easily intimidated when confronted with unfamiliar situations existing outside her comfort zone. These traits of hers particularly stand out when she is compared alongside her older siblings, all of whom are relatively more confident, self-assured and sanguine. Complementing her shy demeanor is a heart of compassion and kindness, a fact that has led to her devoting her life towards the cause of providing healing aid to others in order to alleviate their suffering. Sakura suffers from survivor's guilt in regards to Corrin's abduction. In their A-Support conversation, she reveals to Corrin that shortly after their kidnapping; she overheard a couple of servants mention a rumor that she was supposed to be the actual target. Since Sakura was extremely young when she heard this, she wasn't aware it was just a rumor and took it as fact, causing her to believe it was her fault her dear sibling was taken. Hidden beneath the folds of Sakura's meekness is a strong will, one that emerges when she is tried by situations that threaten to endanger the lives of her loved ones. This fact is best exemplified through her actions in Chapter 25 on the Birthright route, where she stops Iago from ruining Azura's song to free Takumi from his spells and in Chapter 22 on the Conquest route; although she clearly possesses a disdain for warfare and harbors no desire to attack her sibling, she resolves to personally take up arms against them nevertheless for the sake of defending her homeland from their invasion. This applies out of battle as well, as she can be surprisingly fierce when pressured, snapping her staff in half with her bare hands out of pure frustration for Azama and even hitting him with it. One curious quirk is her love of candy, which is to the point where she admits to have little self-control, as in her supports with Hayato she eats a large amount of red bean mochi with incredible speed, and the Beach Brawl DLC has her quickly change her mind about the contest when she learns the island has lots of sweets. She is the best at healing out of everyone in the army.

healer bangs brown eyes fair skin japanese medium breasts orange hair pink eyes pink hair playable playable character short hair thin eyebrows shoulder-length hair
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