Sakura Kouno

Sakura Kouno
Original Name
河野 桜
Romaji Name
Kōno Sakura
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
January 20th
163.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 1746
Like # 1603
Trash # 3130

Sakura Kouno is a supporting character of the Horimiya series who serves as the vice president of the student council of Katagiri Senior High School. She is enrolled in Class 3-5 with Remi Ayasaki. Sakura is a girl who stands at above average height with shoulder length, forest green hair, and matching green colored eyes. She is also seen wearing both her school uniform and round-framed glasses. It has been noted by Remi and Hori that she has fairly large breasts. Sakura is considered to be a well-rounded, kind, and responsible person. While serving as the vice president of the Student Council, she is seen as very hardworking, ensuring that the student council does its work and completes it when needed. She is also noted to be reserved, as she refuses to admit that she has feelings for Tooru, but later brings herself to admit it to Remi when asked about having someone she likes. Aside from being a hardworking and responsible individual, Sakura is noted to be insecure about herself. An example is how she envies Remi, whom Sakura believes is cute, unlike herself. Despite feeling insecure, this insecurity, however, is something that she slowly overcomes throughout the series, which leads her to gain self-confidence and make new friends along the way.

bangs fair skin green eyes green hair large breasts responsible student student council member
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