Sana Sunomiya

Sana Sunomiya
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Sana Sunomiya is a supporting character of the Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro manga series. She is a high school - later university - student who served as the "President" of the art club whom Senpai is a member of. The President is a serious, stern and responsible girl, albeit with a habit of public nudity. Despite being semi-retired, she still manages the club's bureaucracy and logistics, eventually becoming enraged and starting a sort of feud with Gamo-chan, Yoshi, Sakura and especially Nagatoro after they turned the club room into their hangout, although she recognizes the younger girl's role as Senpai's muse. Later in the story, she graduates and begin to attend Tokyo University of the Arts. The President is a beautiful, shapely and very tall, high schooler (later university student) with long, straight dark purplish-black hair that reach the end of her back (even when she keeps it tied up in a ponytail) and a jagged fringe. She has a royal pallor alike, delicate-looking, fair skin - depicted as so clear that seems to glow in the dark - and sharp, cold-looking crimson eyes. In terms of height she towers over every other female character of the series, as well as most males, and has a Junoesque, imposing and athletic physique which has been described as "unreal" with firm butt, massive boobs, a thin waist, long legs and slender arms. Having practiced kendo since early childhood, she's also very muscular and toned. Being her most distintive feature, her bosom is often exaggerated for comedic effect. The President is rarely seen smiling or smirking and sports an intimidating frown or scowl most of the time. She typically wears her school uniform consisting of a white button up shirt (whose sleeves and collar she always keeps fully buttoned), a red knot tie and a long navy blue skirt completed with tights and a pair of sneakers. However, in winter she is shown to wear a light brown sweater and occasionally a blue blazer. When not at school she was shown wearing traditional Japanese clothing, however she likes to spend most of the time completely naked. The President is a stoic, stern, no-nonsense, dutiful and brooding individual. She treats everything seriously while everyone else is flustered, intimidated or else taking it more lightly, which makes it extremely difficult to realize whether or not she was joking, if ever. Also, she's usually very dramatic, especially when she's fired up about art, over which she's quite passionate, proving to have a true artist's soul and following a life philosophy according to which the secret to creating an authentic piece of art is love. She comes off as a mentor figure and a source of inspiration and encouragement for Senpai, albeit intimidating, authoritarian and disciplinarian to the point he describes her as "a bit scary". The President also tends to be judgmental, describing Nagatoro and her clique as a "a bunch of good-for-nothing" without really knowing them and assuming their presence made Senpai unproductive (which is a rough and false assumption); this is the main reason for the animosity between her and the girls who, despite what she wrongly assumed about them, always manage to defeat her. The President is also absolutely shameless or at least extremely nonchalant about the nude human form, particularly her own, as expressed through her art and to the point of exhibiting noticeable nudist tendencies in real life. As revealed in the Official Fanbook, she does really like to be naked whenever she can get away with it, and is later confirmed to be also a streaker, with her habit of running around school naked late at night, eventually creating the legend of Kazehaya High School's "Female Pale Ghost". Albeit she dresses conservatively in school uniform with a much longer skirt than Nagatoro, Gamo-chan, Yoshi or Sakura, she has no qualms about talking to Senpai while wearing just a towel, taking off everything in front of him being indifferent to his unease, doing fully nude self-portrait from the back and from front on each Culture Festival, modeling for Senpai in just a swimsuit implying she wore less in the past for her club members, running a school marathon in a skimpy playboy bunny suit, making no attempt to cover herself after being caught naked by Nagatoro and Senpai in the woods - declaring the wind blew away her robe while she was taking reference photos - and treating the situation very matter-of-factly as she was on her way to just hike down in the buff. She also once advised Senpai to "free himself" and seek inspiration in the outdoors, as she always did, prompting him to imagine her dancing naked into the woods. The President considers her body a powerful tool to convey the sense of artistic pursuit in a holistic manner, but seems largely unaware of how truly stunning she is or the effect she has on people as she behaves in a largely asexual manner despite exuding sexiness in every inch of her artwork. Regardless of this, she once used her charm and intimidating aura to faking a lesbian interest for Nagatoro in order to make her uncomfortable. It was also slightly hinted that she find pleasure in humiliation, since after Nagatoro's clique forced her to wear a playboy bunny suit after she lost against them at the Culture Festival and paraded her through the school, she stated to having find it embarrassing but that the oppressive feeling was an experience that made her creativity bursting forth as if she was about to "unleash something yet unseen before", prompting her to start to wear said costume willingly. In spite of her intimidating aura, she and Nagatoro can inadvertently get into the same goofy situations much to Senpai's discomfort, also she might have a certain level of hidden feelings for the boy, greatly respecting him as a fellow artist and, recognizing Nagatoro as his muse, being more than willing to support the relationship between them as she preferred his happiness over her own interests. She's seemingly seeking to make him a better person and bring him out of his shell, particularly focusing on his art skills in a "stern teacher" kind of way. She has an habit to pose quite often with her arms crossed to convey her authority and demeanor, and also to support her large chest.

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