Sanjouno Haruhime

Sanjouno Haruhime
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Sanjouno Haruhime is a member of the Hestia Familia and a former member of the Ishtar Familia. Haruhime is described to be a beautiful girl. She has long blonde hair, green eyes, and fox ears and a tail. She used to wear a red kimono, but started wearing a maid outfit after she joined the Hestia Familia. However, she still wears a kimono when going to the dungeon. Haruhime is a gentle, timid, well-mannered, and extremely kind girl. She is respectful of everyone she meets and is eager to help when given the chance. Having grown up mostly isolated and later kept hidden by the Ishtar Familia, Haruhime has experienced quite a sheltered life. And as such, even minor things will excite her. Haruhime developed a love of reading at a young age, as it was her way of escaping her loneliness. She has a fondness for fairy tales, particularly ones where the hero saves a damsel in distress. When she was made to work as a prostitute, she wished that a hero would come and save her, like in those stories. As time went on, however, she convinced herself that she wouldn't be saved, since she believed that her profession made her unworthy of rescue. However, Haruhime's view on this changed after Bell saved her, regardless of her beliefs. Though she has never had to fend for herself, Haruhime displays an unusual sense of bravery when those she cares for are threatened. When Wiene was in danger, Haruhime leaped off a building in pursuit of her and stood up to Bete in order to give Bell enough time to escort Wiene to safety. While working as a prostitute, Haruhime would foam at the mouth and collapse whenever she saw a naked man. Due to this, she is still a virgin, but is unaware of the fact.

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