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Santa Claus
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Santa Claus is a global hive mind of perfect doll assassins, indistinguishable from regular humans, controlled by one individual with the help of the Doll Devil. Due to the form Santa Claus took when Cosmo sent her mind to the Halloween Dimension, the aforementioned individual and the main body of Santa Claus is presumed to be a mysterious woman who has a contract with the Doll Devil allowing her to control several different bodies, one of which poses as a Devil Hunter from Germany. Santa Claus’s main body is presumed to be a dark-haired woman with a mole under her eye. She wears a dark skirt and a light sweater. After she ate a piece of Darkness Devil's flesh, she gained several doll arms and appendages and her legs were made of doll heads. During night, she transformed and became larger and more devilish. She also grew horns and sharp teeth. Santa Claus is a tactical and strategical being. She hid herself within the Soviet Union, while using a perfect doll to bargain and negotiate. When introduced, Santa Claus appear to be a lecherous being who asked for several children of either gender as their reward for bringing in the Chainsaw Devil from Japan, apparently for use in contracts and for pleasure (although this is likely done to instill strong emotions into them and groomed them to be the next perfect doll). It is later revealed that three of the children are meant to be used for contract with Hell Devil along with the old man perfect doll. She has no issues with forcibly recruiting large numbers of civilians to work for her by transforming them into puppets. She has shown no regard for those who seem to care for her. For example, when her ally Tolka had subdued Denji, Santa Claus turned him into a puppet to communicate with the Darkness Devil and complete the contract. During battle, Santa Claus displayed a more ruthless tactic by transmitting her pain across puppets all over the world. In order to eliminate Quanxi, Santa brought back the personalities of some puppets to dishearten and kill Denji.

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