Saori Ohtori

Saori Ohtori
Original Name
大鳥 沙織
Romaji Name
Ōtori Saori
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Trash # 10341

Saori Ohtori is a character in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead. She was Akira Tendou's crush and the subject of the first item on his Bucket List who worked in accounting at his former company. Saori was a young woman of average height and well-endowed figure with sleek mid-back length black hair that has bangs hanging on the right side with chest-length hair strands hanging on either side, a pair of charming red eyes and she is often seen with red lipstick during working hours. She was described to be beautiful and this is testimony to how Akira Tendou has a crush on her. Her office outfit consists of a form-fitting, red-violet sweater, a dark pencil skirt, a pair of opaque brown tights, and cream-colored pumps for footwear. When Saori became zombified, her hair is rumpled and messy, her eyes turned wide and crazed and her skin turned a sickly pale gray with numerous visible veins seen on her face, her torso and her limbs while her mouth hangs open with yellowed teeth and sick-looking purple tongue with traces of blood and saliva inside. She wears nothing but white lingerie and pale blue panties that already clues you into what she was doing moments before her unfortunate fate. Saori was a friendly and compassionate young woman, to whom Akira Tendou developed an attraction at first sight, and during the years he miserably worked in the exploitative company he is in, also described her as "the only good thing in this hellhole". Although unclear whether she was willing or not, at some point, she became her boss's mistress who often "did it" with her to get better conditions in the company.

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