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Sara is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. She is a mysterious girl who possesses the ability to use the Kia Staff. Sara's grandfather is the Loptyrian Cult's archbishop and leader Manfroy, whom she despises for murdering her father before she was born. If Sara is not recruited or if she is defeated during the game, she will become the Deadlord Canis. Dreamy by nature, Sara has a restless spirit, known to wander about of her own accord, taking instructions from no one. Her role in Chapter 16B more than proves this, as she ignores Rinecok's command for her to remain in her residence, leaving to search for the source of the voice she hears calling out to her. Sara is implied to be gifted with the ability to read people's minds and hearts. This is shown through her Chapter 16B, where she is not just able to hear Leif's unexpressed cry for help, but also possesses full knowledge of his parentage despite not being acquainted with him. Regardless of the route chosen after Chapter 15, Sara is encountered by Leif's army in either Chapter 16B or Chapter 17A. In Chapter 16B, Sara hears Leif's voice calling out for help as his army is passing through the forests of Melfiye. She responds by leaving her residence to search for him, defying Rinecok's insistence for her to stay put. Salem can speak to Sara while she wanders the battlefield, where she brushes him aside when he attempts to talk to her. Sara eventually finds Leif, where she proclaims that she will help him before introducing herself and revealing her full knowledge of his parentage. In Chapter 17A, Sara takes up residence in a church near Fort Norden. Anyone can visit the church, where she, upon confirming that they are with Leif's liberation army, will join them unhesitatingly. Sara then goes on to continue supporting Leif in his cause to liberate Northern Thracia from the Grannvale Empire. She quietly disappears thereafter, although legends say that she lives a peaceful life under Leif's protection.

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