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Sarai was the Queen of Katolis, the largest of the five Human Kingdoms, until her death. She was the wife of the late King Harrow, the older sister of Amaya, and the mother of Callum and Ezran. She was killed by Avizandum, the King of the Dragons, during an attempt to rescue Viren. Sarai had brown hair often tied into a bun with bangs on the side. She had brown eyes, a light complexion, and a mole below her left eye. Sarai generally wore royal robes with red, gold, light gray and maroon accents. In battle, she was dressed in full silver armor and a black cape. Sarai is described by Amaya as a compassionate and patient person with a sweet tooth and an iron fist. Before her death, Sarai was depicted as a loving wife to Harrow, and a kind and gentle mother to Callum and Ezran. She was also very compassionate towards her younger sister, Amaya. Although she cared deeply for her people as queen, Sarai had a firm moral compass, as she warned Harrow of the immoral practice of dark magic and believed that the lives of magical creatures were just as valuable as the lives of humans. This showed again when her spear was heading for Avizandum's chest during the attack on the dragon, when Sarai's dying breath contained in the weapon cried out "Nooo", as she didn't want her death to be avenged with the Dragon King's, knowing it would bring consequences. Nevertheless, she was incredibly loyal to Harrow and his decisions as king.

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