Original Name
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Place of Origin
Chon'sin, Valm
Date of Birth
January 11th
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Popularity # 8930
Like # 8213
Trash # 12897

Once a princess of Chon'sin, a small nation in Valm, Say'ri lived a happy life until the day Walhart invaded her land and killed her parents. Say'ri was devastated by this event and was shocked when Yen'fay did not seem fazed by it. Say'ri left Chon'sin after her brother decided to ally with Walhart. Say'ri gathers members to form small resistance across Valm to combat the Valmese army. Say'ri eventually meets The Voice of the Divine Dragon, Tiki. Later, Say'ri is cornered by Walhart's men in Valm harbor, but is rescued by the timely appearance of Chrom's army who had just begun their invasion of Valm. United by their common goal, Say'ri joins the Ylissean forces. Say'ri leads Chrom's army to the Mila Tree where she introduces Chrom to Tiki. After the victory in Steiger Fortress, Say'ri learns that the diversion forces sent up to the north to Valm as well as the south in Chon'sin were decimated by Walhart and her brother, Yen'fay's armies. Deciding to attack one of the main forces behind the Valm forces, Say'ri and Chrom's army head off to The Demon's Ingle, a volcano. They are greeted by the army led by Yen'fay. Should Say'ri battle Yen'fay, Say'ri declares that she cannot forgive her brother for doing nothing as their country was destroyed by Walhart and as their parents were killed. Most importantly, she could not forgive him for aiding the very man responsible for all of this. After defeating her brother, Say'ri notices that Yen'fay did not fight seriously and was defeated far too easily. Yen'fay is happy to know that Say'ri will be kept safe by her newfound allies, and succumbs to his wounds without telling her why he allied with Valm. After the battle, Excellus warps in to tell Say'ri that Yen'fay allied with Valm to protect her. As long as Yen'fay fought for Valm, they would not kill Say'ri, no matter how much she fought against Valm. Happy to see Say'ri's horrified face after learning the truth, Excellus warps away.

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