Sayoko Uehara

Sayoko Uehara
Original Name
上原 小夜子
Romaji Name
Uehara Sayoko
Appears In
Persona 4
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
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Popularity # 5597
Like # 5966
Trash # 3735

Sayoko Uehara is a character in Persona 4. Sayoko works as a nurse at the Inaba Municipal Hospital. She has short black hair tied into a ponytail, brown eyes and a mole on the upper left side of her chin. She wears a white nurse outfit with accompanying pink blazer. In the animation, her outfit changes to a light pink. In Persona 4 The Animation, outside her work uniform, she wears a light purple long sleeved shirt with a dark purple bowtie, a tan skirt, open toe dark brown heels, and a light pink bracelet. During the summer festival, she wears a purple kimono. Sayoko on the surface is mischievous and flirtatious, often making advances on the protagonist. Beneath this, she is lonely and depressed that all patients leave her once they are better, or once they die. She did have a genuine love of helping others in need, which at some point was overshadowed by her own loneliness.

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