Sayuri Akino

Sayuri Akino
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Akino Sayuri
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Sayuri Akino is the female deuteragonist in the Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable! manga and anime series. She is a student at Kitami Hokuryo High School and a Hokkaido gyaru. Sayuri doesn't seem to fit the gyaru type of person despite being one. She is beautiful, but puts more focus on her gaming passion, but she pays enough attention to the trends to be still fit in. She used to be cold toward everyone, until she met Tsubasa Shiki and Minami Fuyuki, who become her first real friends since arriving in high school. Sayuri learns to be more self-confident in reaching her own personal goals and living life to the fullest. Sayuri is depicted as a young woman with purple (anime)/black (manga) hair with a gold hairpin. Alongside her dark-toned hair, she has purple eyes, a choker around her neck, and pale pink fingernails. Sayuri typically wears the standard uniform of Kitami Hokuryo High School. The uniform consists of a long-sleeved blue unbuttoned blazer, and a gray skirt. Sayuri wears a black undershirt. When out in the cold, Sayuri wears the same school outfit but with a black jacket. From Chapter 80 to Chapter 89, Sayuri changes her look temporarily. She has the same outfit but changes her hair and makeup. She cuts her hair shorter with bangs in the front and parting both sides. However, after Chapter 89, she changes to her original hairstyle. In Sayuri's own words, she is the complete opposite of Minami. Sayuri is an introvert who plays video games instead of worrying about clothes or social standings. However, despite being shy, she can become defensive and angered when people bully friends close to her. Sayuri is known to get flustered easily, especially if it involves Tsubasa. At first, Sayuri was unable to come out of her comfort zone, but interactions with Tsubasa gave her the confidence to be herself. Unlike Minami, Sayuri doesn't get jealous when Tsubasa interacts with other female characters to someone else, she accepts it knowing that he is caring and kind toward everyone. Despite that, she is still shy around Tsubasa after she develops feelings for him, especially when trying to confess to him. However, from Chapter 80 onward, Sayuri adopts a more confident personality, becoming more flirtatious and daring. She actively tells Tsubasa her feelings and that she wants to have a place in his heart.

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