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Scare Glow
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Scare Glow resided over the realm of Subternia, also referred to as 'Hell' by the Eternians. 500 years before the time of He-Man, King Grayskull struck a mysterious deal with Scare Glow in order to obtain a special ore from him. Grayskull used the ore to create one half of the magical sword, which, when combined with his own Preternian sword, became the Sword of Power. Some time after magic had begun to fade from Eternia, causing the world to slowly rot and die, a small band of warriors entered Subternia through a gate at the Crystal Sea. Evil-Lyn temporarilly added the top of the Havoc Staff to the skeleton and armor of a headless guardian in front of the gate, triggering it to open up a large crevasse with a long stairway leading down. Once inside, the group of warriors were split up and all had to face their greatest fears, some of them in familiar surroundings. Teela faced the lord of Subternia himself, Scare Glow, whom she mistook for Skeletor for a moment. Teela told Scare Glow she came looking for one half of the Sword of Power. Scare Glow agreed to give it to her in exchange for her fear, as well as the safe return of her companions. With a snap of his fingers, Teela entered the Well of Darkness, where she fought an illusion that resembled a red eyed version of He-Man. His mocking words took advantage of the fact that Teela still felt betrayed by the fact that Prince Adam never told her about his secret identity. Teela's opponent admited to being fear itself rather than He-Man, and soon afterwards transformed itself into a younger version of Teela herself and finally turned into Scare Glow. Teela denied him his prize, as she had learned to control her fears and the Dark half of the Sword of Power appeared in front of her. When she did this, Teela was unaware that a magical mark appeared on her forehead, but Scare Glow certainly did notice. The companions were reunited, having all defeated their fears. Evil-Lyn demanded that Teela give her the sword, so she could use it in combination with her wand and open a gateway to Preternia by calling upon the allmighty Zoar with every last bit of magic she could conjure. But before they could pass through the gate, Scare Glow reappeared and caused stone tentacles to grow out of the ground and grab each of the Warriors by the leg and stalagtites to drop from the cavernous ceiling. This time it was Orko who conjured up all the magic that still remained in him, but stoping the stalagtites from falling and redirecting them at Scare Glow. While his friends and companions freed their legs, Orko used all the magic he had left to stop Scare Glow from advancing. Scare Glow was able to grab Orko's scarf, and both of them disappeared in one last explosion, leaving only a small scrap of Orko's garment to cross over into Preternia with the rest of them. Prince Adam and Orko entered Subternia seeking the souls of their friends. When Scare-Glow refused, Adam transformers into He-Man and began a duel with Scare-Glow. Scare-Glows many shadow beasts fought He-Man’s reinforcements. After He-Man and Man-At-Arms seemingly defeated Scare-Glow, he transformed into a scorpion-like form and overwhelmed Adam. Teela appeared and saved Adam and Man-At-Arms. The heroes fled with Scare-Glow chasing after them. Just as Scare-Glow was about to escape, Teela sealed him in Subternia.

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