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Selkie is a playable child character in Fire Emblem Fates and the daughter of Kaden. Cheerful and innocent, Selkie grew up never facing the harsh reality of being a Kitsune or being hunted. She is active and hates standing still, never turning down any situation that could lead to fun play, even against the resistance of others. Despite inherent risks of her games and ideas, she is the most fearless member of the army, which also makes her a formidable opponent in battle due to the fact that Kaden told her to treat battles like a game, so she gives it her all. She chooses to focus on the enjoyment of her activities rather than the potential of getting hurt, which even then she brushes off if she is aware. She can be stubborn as well as any boring suggestion to her is immediately met with a pout and quickly request a more fun option from that person. Selkie can be best described as a girl who "leaps before she thinks", such as in the case of Forrest where she recklessly destroys a prized scrap of fabric with scissors before he could explain to her what he wanted to do with it. Despite Shigure's warning to not glide with a sailcloth on a particular day, Selkie does so anyways and inadvertently puts herself in danger due to a rogue gust. She is quick to learn lessons and to heed warnings of others, though usually after the fact. Like her father, Selkie feels the need to repay someone when she feels that she owes them a favor. This is shown in Forrest's support where she turns the mangled fabric into a soft pillow as an apology and as thanks for teaching her how to sew. She grew up in a Deeprealm without any Kitsune so she is excited to visit her father's home at the Kitsune Hamlet once the war concludes, hoping to play with her fellow Kitsune.

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