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Sena is a royal prosecutor of Belzerg who is based out of Axel. Sena has long, straight black hair worn with hairpins for decoration and slick sharp purple tainted pupils with a voluptuous figure. According to Kazuma, she gives the impression of a secretary, being an intelligent beauty. She usually wears triangular glasses and her prosecutor uniform, consisting of blue skirt suit and beret with golden trimmings and borders, white shirt with 3 bottom round cuff, red tie, pantyhose and court shoes. She takes her job very seriously and wants to make sure her investigations and trial proceedings are conducted fairly, often giving off the impression of an ice queen. Despite her good looks, she is not married, nor does she have any boyfriend (she attributes this fact to her personality), and does not take kindly to this fact being mentioned. It is revealed in the Kyakkou spinoff that she is a fan of Boys Love, a genre of fiction that features homoerotic subtones between two men. Furthermore, this may have been a factor in her inability to marry (her last marriage meeting having fell through due to it). When confronted with a theoretical possibility (a lie made up by Dust) of the majority of men in Axel being homosexual, she becomes flustered and begins to daydream about it. She values BL to the point where she will disregard her job, jumping at the opportunity to experience it in her dreams in exchange for not revealing the Succubus' shop to her superiors.

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