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Serina Leaf
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Serina Leaf is a heroine in Conception 2. She is not available from the start of the game, becoming available after the first Dusk Circle is sterilized. She is the fifth heroine that the protagonist meets while at the Academy. Serina is a typical tsundere, being hostile and rude towards the protagonist at first- this changes as the protagonist bonds with her and gains her trust. Her main weapon is the Exiv Cannon; a "kick gun" that fires energy as projectiles. She has a height and bust complex and seems to have developed a fondness for milk which she believes helps with growth of her body. She is a very hard worker and strives to be the best. She is very protective of her hometown and the Academic Park that her sister built prior to the start of the game. She does not like it when people treat her like a child, likely due to her small size. She also hopes one day she can be acknowledged as a S-Rank Disciple by her sister, despite her sister always worrying about her if she is even capable of handling dusk monsters due to her small size.

absolute territory over-knee socks short eyebrows small breasts thin eyebrows zettai ryōiki blue hair cuteness fang fair skin green eyes hair pins waist-length hair uniform short
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