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Setsuna is a playable character from Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation routes. One of Hinoka's personal retainers, Setsuna is an absent-minded Hoshidan archer who is prone to falling into traps due to the lack of attention that she gives to her surroundings. Setsuna is a character who exudes an aura of calm and quiet, although this, contrary to being due to her being well-trained and disciplined, stems instead from her chronic absentmindedness and laziness. Her absentmindedness has, on multiple occasions, seen her blissfully walking into traps without once realizing the danger that is presented to her, the result of her daydreaming and losing focus of the path ahead of her. Even after being ensnared by traps, Setsuna is known to treat her predicament with bemused apathy, believing that Hinoka will always somehow manage to locate and rescue her from her plight. Setsuna's absentmindedness has also helped her to develop a hilarious immunity to sarcasm, a fact that sees her often mistaking the insults of others for compliments. Her support with Saizo particularly brings out this aspect of her character, where she manages to frustrate him by mistaking his insults for compliments. Ironically, it is this very absentmindedness that makes Setsuna proficient in battle. Neither bothered with the opinions others may harbor of her nor intimidated by her opponents, Setsuna is able to engage in battle very well, focusing solely on sniping her foes with deadly precision. Despite these weaknesses in Setsuna's personality, she is not without her strengths; through her supports with Hinoka, Hana and even the sharp-tongued Azama, it can be observed that Setsuna is actually able to discipline herself when she is seized with the desire to master certain skills. She has demonstrated this through learning to cook with Hinoka and Azama, understanding the benefits of teamwork with Hana in practical settings, and learning to avoid traps altogether with male Corrin. She is also completely fearless, which enhances her performance in battle since no enemies ever scare her enough to lose her focus. Her loyalty to Hinoka is absolute, and she shows it refusing to abandon her after she's defeated in Conquest and saying that she'd rather die than acknowledge the loss against Nohr. Her father studied medicine and at one point helped Sumeragi while he was bedridden, thus buying their noble status. This resulted in Setsuna becoming interested in medicine and learning how to make salves, as seen in her support with Hinata. However, her lack of drive and motivation stopped her from pursuing this. It is implied she has a strong immune system from her exposure to medicine. Setsuna is said to be the most flexible and limber in the army.

archer bangs blue eyes blue hair fair skin medium breasts short hair thin eyebrows
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