Setsuna Higashi

Setsuna Higashi
Original Name
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Higashi Setsuna
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Fresh Precure!
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Higashi Setsuna is one of the four main Cures in Fresh Pretty Cure!. Originally from Labyrinth, she served it as Eas until episode 23. After having a change of heart and being reborn, she transforms into Cure Passion. Her catchphrase is "I'll do my best!". As Eas, her red eyes appear empty and she has shoulder-length silver hair worn around the shoulders with a black headband. She wears a black sleeveless top with pointed tails and a red collar to accent the two crimson gems on the front. She wears this with short-shorts, long black gloves with maroon bangles and matching colored bands on the upper arm, stockings decorated with red bows, and red heels. As Setsuna, her hair keeps the same style but turns dark purple, and her eyes remain lifeless until episode 24. She originally wore a red long-sleeve top with a white tank-top, khaki shorts, and black leather boots, and during summer she wore a light grey shirt with knee-length dark navy jeans and red heels. She wears the clover necklace Love gave to her until episode 22. After her resurrection, she keeps her top, but it is red and white instead. Her second summer outfit consists of a red dress beneath a white vest, and she still wears the same heels. In the winter, she switches to a red shirt with a denim navy jacket, layered blue skirt, black tights, and a pair of flats. During dance, she wears a dark red sweatsuit with a pink shirt, a mini-skirt for bottoms, black stockings, and a pair of dark red and white high-tops. In the movie, she wears a crimson top with a cream belt beneath a dark purple jacket with white linings and a red feather design on the back. She also wears dark purple shorts, dark grey knee socks and dark red shoes. As Cure Passion, her eyes brighten while her hair turns light pink and reaches her waist, worn with a white tiara adorned by a garnet gem to match the winged heart on each side of the head. She also gets a white choker and red heart earrings. She wears a red dress with black detail and stitching, a ribbon hanging from the left hip while her Linkrun is worn on the right. Her sleeves have white lining, with a trim of ruffles on the chest to accent those on the layered skirt, the second of which is dark maroon. Her sleeves are trim with ruffled pastel red layers. She also gains sleeves to match her dress, black tights, and a pair of black and maroon boots with a red cuff. As Cure Angel Passion, her hair grows out, along with her accessory wings, dress ruffles, sleeves, and ribbon. Her cape-like skirt flows behind her and her thighs are partially exposed. She gains a white pair of angel wings. As Rainbow Cure Passion, her outfit is the same as Cure Angel Passion with a small pair of golden wings. Setsuna, as Eas, was a cold, calculating girl, quick to anger and with little patience, not caring about the feelings of others and single-minded in her loyalty to Moebius. After befriending Love, however, the cracks began to show in these aspects of her personality. Eas's stubbornness and pride were part of what made it so difficult for her to admit that she was in the wrong at first. Following her rebirth as Cure Passion, she gradually begins to change. Initially very shy, reserved, and anxious after joining Pretty Cure, she starts to come out of her shell more thanks to her friends, becoming cheerier and more energetic as time goes on. Setsuna eventually develops into a kind, patient, and intelligent girl who cares deeply about the people she's close with. She has a difficult time understanding social cues and the customs of Earth, and often approaches situations with an innocent naivete. She is shown to be wracked with guilt over her past actions while working for Labyrinth, and while she does come to terms with it over time, the feeling never quite goes away completely. Despite how much she changed since her time as Eas, her seriousness and determination remain intact-- aspects of her character which she now channels into her battles as Cure Passion.

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