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Severa is a child character from Fire Emblem Awakening and the daughter of Cordelia. She later reappears as a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates under the alias Selena. Describing herself as a snarky individual, Severa possesses a barbed tongue that she freely uses to speak in a cold, harsh and condescending manner to the people she interacts with. Despite her rudeness, she is known to have the tendency to mean the opposite of what she says, a fact that is often not detected by those who are already put off by her initial attitude. However, this exterior exists to protect a much more vulnerable side of herself. When she allows herself to be honest, she comes off as genuine. This fact is demonstrated through multiple supports, specifically in Fates, but also notably in her Awakening supports with Noire and her parents; her supports with Cordelia, for one, sees her initially keeping her distance and treating her with cold dislike, only to eventually break down and reveal that she chose to do so due to being afraid of losing her mother a second time. With her father, she becomes upset when she feels that she made her father feel that he had failed her, causing her to cry. As a result of the legacy of perfection constructed by Cordelia, Severa's efforts were often compared to her mother, making her feel overshadowed. This has in turn led to Severa developing a severe inferiority complex towards her mother, one that she is known to reveal through the spirit of competitiveness that she maintains in order to find any sort of talent or identification that makes her superior. To this end, she is known to frequently pick arguments with other characters and strive to be the victor. At its root, Severa is determined to become like her mother and aspires to achieve the same level of perfection as her, if not more so. In Fates, although Severa's spirit of competitiveness has intensified, it is balanced by the strong work ethic that she has adopted where, instead of being quarrelsome, she instead chooses to display her strength and affirm her talents through challenging other members of the army to friendly duels. She also speaks with noticeably less snark, and seems to be more willing to open up to people. Despite the changes in personality that Severa has undergone in the Selena persona, the inferiority complex that Severa harbors towards her mother has not been completely vanquished. If she happens to mother Caeldori, the spitting image of Cordelia who is similarly a paragon of perfection, she can unconsciously vent her jealousy-induced frustration on her daughter when the latter displays qualities that bear a resemblance to those possessed by Cordelia. She does, through the supports that she shares with Caeldori, eventually reconcile this inferiority complex, as she apologizes for her actions and strives to be a better parent to her daughter. Severa is also a shopaholic, shown in various supports such as her support with her father, usually buying frivolously. As such, she has been noted to be the most wasteful shopper in both the Shepherds and the Nohrian army.

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