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Severin Hawthorn
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Wolumonde, Leithania
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Severin Hawthorn is an NPC in Arknights who plays a story role in the Twilight of Wolumonde side story. Background: A native of Wolumonde, Severin serves as the Schultz of the nomadic town's local Gendarmerie forces. During the conflict between the Wolumonders and the Winterwisps, Severin encountered the last of the Winterwisps on a lake while hunting them down, but as he is about to sneak up on one, the Winterwisp noticed Severin's presence and stabbed him on the chest with an Originium chunk, though Severin was able to fatally wound the Winterwisp. This incident caused Severin to contract Oripathy, which he kept secret from others and covered up by his heavy smoking habits that incidentally worsens his condition. Severin has a son named Thorwald who is a lover of his cousin Tatjana. Following the emergence of the Great Rift, Severin tries to assure Wolumonde's Catastrophe Messenger Biederman, whom the Wolumonders blamed for the nomadic town being caught in the Catastrophe, that everything is going to be alright for him. Unbeknownst to Severin, Thorwald had tricked Biederman into killing Atro, the Rhodes Island doctor who are treating Wolumonde's Infected populace, to trigger an uprising, out of his resentment for the Leithanien nobles' lack of attention to Wolumonde's plight.

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