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Sherry is the second party member and slave of Michio Kaga. __Appearance__ Sherry is described as looking like a beautiful girl that only reached to the chest of women around 140 cm; small, thin, and lovely. Her body isn't like a child's, just small. A bright looking face, a slightly raised nose with big powerful eyes and a small mouth. Michio describes her as a Japanese person that looks Italian. Thick black hair that is short and curls at the shoulders. In the light novel her hair color is purple. __Personality__ Sherry possesses a logical and inquisitive nature. She will only believe something if she can understand it or if she knows it has been proven true. Whenever she sees something she doesn't understand she will not stop until she understands how it works; she highly values information, especially about things she has no prior knowledge of. Normally Sherry is aloof and always in control of herself, rarely acting surprised or emotional. This mask breaks on a few occasions. One occasion is when she is asked to use her abilities as a Master Smith to do something she believes is beyond her abilities. Because of her past failure to become a Master Smith, she greatly fears failing creating a new piece of equipment or failing to perform a successful monster card fusion. Another is when she is drunk. When she is drunk, she acts like a completely different person and is openly affectionate to those she cares about. Sherry is also self-conscious about her small breasts. She is jealous of the larger breasts of her female companions and is angered when someone around her shows an interests in large breasts.

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