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Scheta, also known as Scheta Synthesis Twelve, was a supporting character in the second half of the Alicization Arc, War of the Underworld. Scheta was one of the Integrity Knight synthesised after winning a Four Empires Unity Tournament. Due to her reluctance to speak and attract attention, she became known as The Silent among the other knights. After killing another Integrity Knight in a duel with her Divine Object-class weapon, the Black Lily Sword, Scheta was put into hibernation at her own request, until she was awoken in the aftermath of the battle at the Central Cathedral that resulted in Supreme Priest Quinella's and Chief Elder Chudelkin's deaths. Scheta was one of the seven high-ranking Integrity Knights who participated in the battle at the Great Eastern Gate against the Dark Territory, commanding the right flank of the Second Unit of the Human Guardian Army. With her dragon Yoiyobi, Scheta later joined the Human Guardian Army's decoy unit on their journey to the Dark Territory to draw the Dark Territory Army away from the Human Empire. Scheta was one of the knights who survived the war. In an alternative Alicization timeline referred to as 32/33, Scheta served as an instructor for apprentice Integrity Knights Eugeo Synthesis Thirty-two and Kirito Synthesis Thirty-three. Scheta was a tall and awfully slender woman who looked to be about twenty years old by outward appearance. Her long, straight, dark-gray hair parted neatly at the middle of her pale brow in a way that it looked artificially plastered on her head, ending at the back of her head in a tight ponytail. She had refined, almond-shaped eyes with single-edged eyelids, while her lips lacked any rogue. Her refined, cool, neat and tidy face that seemed as if it were sculpted with a small, sharp knife showed not a shred of emotion most of the time. Unusually for an Integrity Knight, she wore plain, thin, matte-gray armour. She also wore a paper-thin pitch-black rapier on the left side of her waist. Scheta was a woman possessed by a subconscious desire to slice things in half, although she herself hated and always attempted to suppress this nature of hers, regarding it as sinister. Despite her desire to restrain her dark impulses, Scheta would be unable to resist temptations if pressed with them, such as when Quinella promised to make a sword that could cut anything in half. Due to her potential of killing even the most skilled opponents, Scheta seldom spoke and suppressed the sense of her own existence for hundreds of years of her life in the Central Cathedral to avoid being challenged to a sparring match. Even in battle, Scheta emits not a shred of hostility of murderous intent, despite unilaterally slaughtering her opponents.

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