Shibuki Ase

Shibuki Ase
Original Name
Romaji Name
Ase Shibuki
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
152.40 cm
45.90 kg
Blood Type
Popularity # 11551
Like # 10465
Trash # 17489

Ase-chan (ase meaning sweat) is a cute, mostly-normal girl who sweats a lot... like, a lot. She is very insecure due to how sweaty she always is. She tries to avoid touching others as to not get them wet, even though they tend to not mind. She is constantly worrying about wether she stinks, even though she doesn't. She likes to use a lot of anti-perspirant spray, even to the point of it being dangerous. She was friends with Isagi Kiyoko in middle-school, when Isagi developed germaphobia, and Ase was suddenly told not to touch her. Ase-chan started to slowly become more insecure of her sweatiness after this, and Isagi was afraid it was her fault and started to avoid her. They then reconnected in their second year of highschool. She has a few romantic moments with Naruse-kun (the narcissist character), which he promptly ruins by being narcissistic. Many of the perverted characters in the manga think she looks lewd due to how sweaty she always is.

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