Shiemi Moriyama

Shiemi Moriyama
Original Name
杜山 しえみ
Romaji Name
Moriyama Shiemi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
March 6th
165.00 cm
49.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 1373
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Shiemi Moriyama is the tritagonist of the Blue Exorcist series. She is an Exwire at the True Cross Academy who is training to become a Tamer. Later is discovered that she is the succesor of Shemihaza, one of the Sol and the three founders of the Order. Shiemi is a fair-skinned girl with straight, shoulder length platinum-blond hair (blond hair in the anime and lighter white hair color in the manga) that is occasionally curls at the ends, and she is usually seen with a clip or headband in it and green eyes. In her initial appearance, Shiemi wore brightly colored kimonos with equally colorful haori and occasionally went barefoot. After joining the Exorcist Cram School, she changes into the school uniform, which consists of black Mary Jane shoes, a short, pink skirt with a black belt, tight white thigh high socks, and a white colored shirt. She also wears the female version of the school tie, which is tied with a large bow. Shiemi also has noticeably large breasts despite her figure, which shocked all of the guys when they first saw her in the school uniform as the kimonos she usually wore concealed her figure. When Shiemi first appeared, she was a very shy and quiet girl at school. This is because when she was younger, she was awfully shy and sick, so she wasn't able to attend school, which made it hard for her to have friends of her own age. Her love for her late grandmother made her want to never leave her garden, though she eventually did with help from Rin Okumura and Yukio Okumura. Shiemi is also very naive - most of her life was spent within the premises of her home, therefore she is rather clueless when it comes to typical adolescent experiences and grew up without any real friends. Her desire to make friends gets to the point that she considers herself to be too young for romance, saying that she just doesn't have the time or comfort level for a boyfriend, especially since she really wants to focus on becoming an Exorcist. However, she is incredibly loyal, patient and hardworking; she would do anything for her friends, even if it would make others feel uneasy. In one episode, when she aimed of having friends at school, she humbly asked Izumo then, but instead of hanging out with her and having fun, Izumo took advantage of her kindness by always asking her to run errands, turning her into a servant. This came to an end when Rin Okumura enlightened her that friendship isn't supposed to be that way, respecting one another is more than loving a friend. Her exceptional kindness, immense willpower, and good nature has made her popular with the Exwires. It is observed that Shiemi first made friends with Yukio Okumura, then Rin. In one of the episodes, she determines to herself: "I've got to stop relying on Yuki-chan and Rin all the time. Today, I'll make some friends for sure!" She is also an optimist and never gives up on her friends. She does not take criticism very seriously and always tries to help. Shiemi also has a number of odd habits, such as giving nicknames to various herbs and other plants. She once failed a test because she didn't use their real names.

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