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Shikoku is one of the Hachiraishin, consisting of the so-called Gods who rule over the Shuuki. Shikoku is a talkative person often making fun of Rairen for an assortment of reasons, one of them being his failure to defeat Tenka despite his confidence, then having to rescue him and mocking his initial plan against the Anti-Demon Corps. Unlike Rairen, who was rather hostile towards humans to the point of mocking the entire species, even Tenka who nearly killed him, she finds humans interesting, using a smartphone and taking on different modern poses. Despite her playful nature, Shikoku can be tactical and careful, being able to think of different plans to combat the Anti-Demon Corps, while maintaining her composure. But, she can also be surprised if a situation doesn't go as planned, while still being interested in the situation at hand. She is also capable of becoming enraged, which was noted as Shushu, who Shikoku described as a "Rank and File" tried attacking her from behind after sneaking into Yuuki's room. Shikoku gained an interest in Yuuki after seeing him transform into a Shuuki-like monster after fighting against Kidoumaru to the point of making the effort into sneaking into his bedroom at the 7th Unit base.

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