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Shildina (シルディナ) is the younger sister of Sadeena, former Miko Priestess of Q'ten Lo, and a current resident of Rock Valley. After the events of the Volume 19 she became the new Ofuda Hero of Glass' World. __Personality__ Shildina is somewhat air-headed, easily losing track of where she is going when she spots something that catches her eye and giving away important things like the card containing a piece of her soul to a complete stranger simply because he was nice to her. Similar to her sister she also has a love of alcohol and fell head over heels for Naofumi for this reason, but also has a gambling problem. Despite this, however, she has an extremely serious side built up from the constant abuse she suffered from her family trying to make her into what they consider a worthy successor to Sadeena. Initially, Shildina resents her sister greatly blaming her for abandoning her post and allowing many of the countries' problems to get worst, but over the course of their battle, the two reconcile and are at least at the level they can be called friends. It does help that before and after their Battle Sadeena did work to eliminate the root of the countries problems that Shildina was largely ignorant to.

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