Mika Shimotsuki

Mika Shimotsuki
Original Name
霜月 美佳
Romaji Name
Shimotsuki Mika
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
February 14th 2096
160.00 cm
48.00 kg
Blood Type
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Mika Shimotsuki is a Chief Inspector of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Public Safety Bureau. Shimotsuki is a female of average height and a fit build in her 20's. She has reddish eyes and long brown hair with long side bangs, tied into a low ponytail with an orange hairtie (except for S3 on occasion). While a student of Oso Academy, she wears her hair up in a high ponytail with unruly bangs. As both an Inspector and Chief Inspector of the Public Safety Bureau, her office attire is a dark gray blazer, collarless white blouse and dark pants. She wears a blue CID jacket when in the field. Her casual wear includes a brown hoodie. As Chief, she maintains the same tough attitude towards police work that she did as an Inspector for Division 01. However, the added responsibilities for the safety of the Inspectors and Enforcers directly under her command have made her more protective and less antagonistic. While still quick to chastise Arata Shindo and Kei Mikhail Ignatov when they overstep their roles as Inspectors, she grants them latitude to investigate and report their findings. Shimotsuki fully supports the role of the Sibyl System in maintaining an orderly society and works effectively with the Foreign Affairs Operations Department, although she resents Frederica Hanashiro due to the fact that the federal officer eventually took Nobuchika Ginoza, Teppei Sugo and the returned Shinya Kogami away from her staff when they learned that their limitations as Enforcers would be lifted if they joined her team. At the start of her career as an Inspector, Shimotsuki is rigid and often blunt in her words, but possesses good instincts regarding danger. Due to the fact that both of her friends are killed by Rikako Oryo while they are attending Oso Academy, she bears animosity towards criminals, actual or latent. This results in her treating the Enforcers of her division in an abrasive and condescending manner. Combined with her overconfidence in her own abilities, instincts, and position as an Inspector, she alienates most of Division 01. She is resentful of other people's opinions, adamantly dismissing or rejecting well-intentioned advice from those she perceives as doubting her or considers beneath her, and hates admitting when she has failed or made a mistake. While eager to perform well as an Inspector, she lacks initiative, preferring to follow orders handed down from the top, displaying an unwillingness to handle the responsibility of deviating from them, unlike Akane Tsunemori who evidences both initiative and independent thought from the outset. Being of an opposite type from Tsunemori, she resents her colleague for her independent spirit, disregard of regulations and irregular investigation techniques. Her dislike of Tsunemori is exacerbated by jealousy at the apparent favoritism shown to her by Joshu Kasei, unaware of the true nature of their association. After she learns the true nature of Sibyl, Shimosuki becomes even more obedient, using Sibyl's trust to power-play her rival: Tsunemori. However, in First Guardian it is shown that her attitude towards latent criminals and Tsunemori becomes more humane after a latent criminal gains her respect and she learns to accept help from others. Thereafter, in Psycho-Pass 3, she is shown to behave in a more mature fashion, though still hot-headed at times. She still has total confidence in Sibyl and in herself, but is also better able to make decisions. She is respected by both the Inspectors and Enforcers who work with her because of her ability to lead, analyze situations and take on difficult challenges. Even Sibyl acknowledges her growth and maturation by stating she isn't necessarily as "dull" as she used to be. While unrelated to her efficacy as a law enforcement agent and without official confirmation, it may be speculated that Shimotsuki is a Gender and Sexually Diverse individual, as evidenced when Yayoi Kunizuka (also a GSD individual) picks up on how deeply she cared about Kagami Kawarazaki and that Shimotsuki laments there was something she had always wanted to tell Kawarazaki, but never did. Shimotsuki also often blushes at Kunizuka and depends on her after becoming an Inspector while also addressing her by her given name with an honorific, which remains un-reciprocated. However, later media have also shown her blushing and acting flustered around male colleagues, especially Ginoza.

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