Shinei Nouzen Husbando

Shinei Nouzen
Original Name
Romaji Name
Shin'ei Nouzen
Place of Origin
Liberté et Égalité, Republic of San Magnolia
Date of Birth
May 19th 2132
175.00 cm
74.00 kg
Blood Type
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Shinei Nouzen, shortened to Shin, is the male protagonist of the 86 -Eighty Six- series. His Personal Name is Undertaker. He is the leader of the Spearhead Squadron, as well as the default operations commander of the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package. Among the Eighty-Six, he is known as the Reaper of the Eastern Front. His ability to hear the voices of the Legion designated him as a high-priority target with the callsign of Báleygr. Shin has the bloodred eyes of a Pyrope and the jet-black hair of an Onyx. His pale features and slender physique are characteristic of the Giadian Empire's nobles. He is described to be rather handsome, attracting the attention of a few of his female comrades. Shin almost always wears a sky-blue scarf to conceal the jagged scar on his neck. He obtained this scarf from the captain of his first squadron. Before he was gifted the scarf, his scar was concealed by bandages. As the Spearhead Squadron's leader, he wears a desert camouflage uniform scavenged from an abandoned Republic military depot. He later switches to the Federacy's steel-colored panzer jacket dress uniform, which generally does not allow for modifications. The combat flight suit however is much more lenient, allowing for Shin to wear his trademark scarf. Shin is an incredibly kind person, even after being wronged by so many people in his life. He considers himself to be at fault in the matter with his brother and believes he is the one that needs to apologize. Even after being ostracized and feared by the other Eighty-Six, Shin felt that it was his responsibility to shoulder the deaths of his comrades and let them pass peacefully into the afterlife. He had always been the only person left alive until he met Raiden Shuga. Thus, even after meeting a companion that could survive along side him, he always felt it was his duty as the survivor to silently carry the tags of the fallen to his final destination. Even once letting go of his fallen comrades on the border between San Magnolia and Giad, he still used his comrades' deaths as an excuse to return to the battlefield. Shin's ability to hear the voices of the Legion places enormous mental strain on him, even when he has become accustomed to listening to the constant wails of the dead. The weight of both his responsibilities and the effects of his ability have contributed to his stoic nature and lack of mirth. Despite that, he has a gentle side to him that usually comes out when interacting with Fido. His kindness also manifests in selflessness to an extreme degree. This is demonstrated in when he chooses to face the Shepherd alone to put his brother to rest, as well as when he forcibly takes control of the Spearhead Squadron's last Juggernaut and attempts to hold off the Legion so that the rest of his squadron can escape. Shin had a distinct lack of care for himself. He compared himself to the Legion, calling himself a ghost, aimless and wandering. Consequently, he often threw himself into dangerous situations without regard for his own safety, somehow surviving through luck and combat skill. This tendency grew worse once Shin had completed his mission of putting his brother to rest and losing his raison d'etre. Even once he reunited with Lena and was pulled out of his suicidal craze, he still could not fathom that he was allowed to be selfish. He believed he could live even without a future to look forward to, or happiness which he could call his own. When Lena asked him for a wish he wanted fulfilled, he couldn't think of anything. His answer in the end was to take Lena to the sea, which he admitted was probably different than what Lena's question had intended. Shin eventually did realize his feelings for Lena. Once he confessed them to her during their stay in the Alliance of Wald, he was noted to be free of the shackles of pride binding him to the Eighty-Sixth Sector. He now genuinely has a future to look forward to, as well as a new found attachment to the world and humanity.

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