Shinichiro Sano Husbando

Shinichiro Sano
Original Name
Romaji Name
Sano Shin'ichirō
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
August 1st 1980
182.00 cm
69.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 11851
Like # 10866
Trash # 15521

Shinichiro Sano is a major historical figure in the series. The leader and founder of Black Dragon and the older brother of Mikey, Shinichiro was a delinquent of legendary status who greatly influences events in the story. As an adult, Shinichiro has unkempt black hair that he keeps at a medium length. He usually has a composed expression. He wears casual attire and has a chain necklace. As a student in his delinquent phase, he kept a neatly styled pompadour and wore the Black Dragon biker uniform. Shinichiro is described as being "weak to women, weak in fights, but reliable". Shinichiro was a notorious delinquent with unequalled reputation who garnered the respect of many delinquents, both inside his gang and those of rival gangs. Although he was a terrible fighter, his caring personality and ability to stand up for others, along with his humble nature earned him the loyalty of many delinquents much stronger than him. As a result of this elevated status, his bike shop became a place where delinquents could gather freely, and where every visitant displayed nothing but respect towards Shinichiro. He saw the good in people and hoped for them to be lead on the right path in life instead walking alone. Shinichiro was a kind person who could look out for others, particularly his family whom he loved dearly, teaching his younger siblings about delinquency, fashion, bikes amongst other things. His grandfather was mildly annoyed with Shinichiro's tendency to avoid training as he believed it a chore. Despite quitting his position, Shinichiro was on the lookout regarding the delinquent world and looked at Black Dragon fondly. Greatly treasuring his former gang, it was his dream in life that both Izana and eventually Mikey would inherit command over the gang at some point, and was saddened when Black Dragon changed into a more brutal organization. Both Draken and Mikey comment that Shinichiro's personality matches that of Takemichi, as individuals who despite being incredibly weak, are people who can be trusted.

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