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Shinji is the secondary protagonist who appears in the survival horror game Saiko no Sutoka as Akira friend. He is the character who the player plays as in Yandere Mode. Shinji seemingly decides to go back to school at sunset to find his friend Akira, who has disappeared. Shinji is a very "generic"-looking male Japanese student. He has fair skin, short messy light blonde hair, and blue eyes. He wears the same uniform as Akira. Shinji appears more cowardly and oblivious than his friend Akira, canonically following Saiko's instructions despite her strange demeanor and canonically falling into her several traps. This naivety leads to his demise. In the bad ending of Yandere mode, Shinji is captured and tied to an infirmary bed, and is promptly beheaded by Saiko, which she says to a tied up Akira in the main mode. In the good ending of Yandere mode, he flees from the school after getting bad feelings about Saiko, and without actively attempting to save his friend Akira. He gets cocky, celebrating his escape, but Saiko drops a flowerpot on him.

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