Shinji Nishiya Husbando

Shinji Nishiya
Place of Origin
Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
Date of Birth
May 20th
168.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 9628
Like # 10934
Trash # 5448

Shinji Nishiya, also known by his hero name, Kamui Woods, is the No. 7 Pro Hero and member of The Lurkers. Shinji is a young man with a rather muscular build, standing relatively shorter than other high-ranked Pro Heroes. Underneath his helmet, he has puffy red leaf-like hair, though his face has remained unseen since he has only been shown while wearing his mask. His hero costume is a dark blue bodysuit that includes a wooden belt, wooden knee pads, and wooden shoes. A small bundle of roses hangs from the left side of his belt. After he officially became the No. 7 Pro Hero, his costume was slightly modified, and he now has two wooden rings hanging on his shoulders, which have stumps and branches protruding from them. Shinji is a very serious and focused person when it comes to being a hero in his hero duties; however, he easily feels down when someone takes his glory or credit. At the same time, he also appears to be rather emotional, as when he was invited by Edgeshot to be part of The Lurkers, he cried in happiness for two hours.

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